Wow, That’s Also A Riot!

The last four days in Philadelphia have been rife with violence, arson, and looting. Understandably, most business owners – whose businesses aren’t already destroyed – did their best to protect their property from the Philadelphia thugs.

Then a few of them tried to loot a store, just not exactly the store clear thinking individuals would consider robbing…

Philadelphia police said the owner of Firing Line Inc. was staying the night inside the shop on South Front Street because over the last few nights someone had tried breaking in.

The owner told police he was monitoring his surveillance camera and saw three or four men trying to get in around 4:15 a.m. The group was using bolt cutters on the gate. A broken lock could later be seen on the ground.

The group then smashed in the back door and broke glass, police said. When they made it upstairs the 67-year-old owner started shooting his Bushmaster M4 rifle, striking shot one man in the head.

That man – who was in his 20s – died in the store, police said. The other men ran off. Police found a handgun by the dead man that the owner said does not belong to his shop. Investigators believe the burglars brought that with them.

Here’s hoping the department tells the owner “Finders keepers,” and he’s able to sell the thug’s – likely stolen – gun at a later date. Might as well make some money off these jackasses’ idiocy.

***Humble thanks to Misanthropic Humanitarian at AOSHQ for the link on the ONT*****

13 thoughts on “Wow, That’s Also A Riot!

  1. Davenport had rioting on Sunday evening. A police cruiser was ambushed and an officer killed. The county issued an immediate curfew. From 9pm to 5am everyone must be in their home unless going to and from work, credentialed news persons are exempt and also those who have called for an ambulance, etc. Police, sheriff’s dept officers are covering all roads leading in and out of towns and cities in the area and stopping all vehicles to see why they are out after 9 pm. Haven’t had any rioting since the curfew was enacted. Three men in my apartment building assured me they had their guns out and loaded and were ready if anything happened. I am more certain now than ever to purchase a handgun and take the necessary classes so I am not just a sitting duck here since I am a widow all by myself.

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    1. Just remember, before you buy a gun, you need to examine yourself and determine if you have what it requires to take a human life. No point in having one if you won’t use it. Then, once you determine that, you have to decide if you have what it takes to defend all your actions and accept the consequences.

      I want nothing to do with spending my life savings in my legal defense, nor do I have a desire to go to prison for doing something I know was the right thing and a last resort. But, I’m 70 years old and have lived a great life. I don’t plan on standing by idly and letting thugs enter my neighborhood with the intent to do harm to me, my family, or my neighbors. I also don’t intend to ask the thugs nicely to go away. I don’t even plan on talking to them at all. I will communicate by other means and have no reason at all to wait for their response.

      Know the law in Iowa and train as often as you can so your response becomes a part of you.

      I will pray for your safety and the safety of those around you.

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  2. Cathy – Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    RG – It’s a shame the owner didn’t smite all of them.

    Kitty – It’s a beautiful thing.

    Ronni – It’s a good idea. Many times police cannot get to a call in time, so it’s a good idea to make sure you can protect yourself, especially during riots. These people killed a 77-year old retired St. Louis police captain over a television. They need to be put down.


    1. Speaking of smiting… I would LOVE to see Donald J. Trump invite someone like the shopowner to one of his State of the Union addresses. He could even present the guy a Medal of Freedom. It would smite the leftists like a sharp stick in the eye and make me smile and cry with joy at the same time.


  3. I just read that the Philly mayor and police commissioner have condemned the store owner as a vigilante…………


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