Hollywood: F**k The Police

A small group of Hollywood leftists – yes, I realize that’s redundant – have signed a petition – which will go nowhere – demanding police departments be defunded.

Celebrities John Legend and Megan Rapinoe are among those who reportedly signed a petition to defund police departments.

The petition calls for local governments to decrease spending on police departments and increase spending on health care and education, according to a report published Tuesday by Rolling Stone. Other celebrities who reportedly signed include Common, the Weeknd, Lizzo, Jane Fonda and Anthony Romero, the executive director of the ACLU.

Wait, I thought the article mentioned celebrities, not has-beens and never-weres?

The petition summarized three key points at the end.

“Vote no on all increases to police budgets,” it said. “Vote yes to decrease police spending and budgets. Vote yes to increase spending on Health care, Education, and Community programs that keep us safe.”

Believe it or not, I am all for this venture. Defunding police departments would allow me to: retire earlier than I planned, move out of this awful city and state sooner, and start a new life in a red state which doesn’t suffer leftists.

Plus, this petition has the added benefit of less cops on the street, less firepower to engage hostiles, and longer emergency response times. These leftists believe health care, education, and community programs will keep them safe. When a group of Antifa thugs break into your million-dollar homes – and they eventually will – call the community program. We’ll be busy in the division playing poker.

11 thoughts on “Hollywood: F**k The Police

  1. I remember one time, back when Oprah was a thing, that she went into great detail just how many school lunches could be purchased for the cost of just one cruise missile!
    I encouraged her to think globally and act locally! I told her to see how many school lunches could be purchased instead of buying sidearms, ammunition, and firearms training for all of Chicago’s police force? They could also buy school lunches with all that money spent on squad cars and radios, too!
    Unless, of course, there was some value in spending for defense!


  2. Why don’t these spit for brains celubrats get rid of their armed security & put that $ towards the community programs? They could also give up 1/3 of their pay for these programs. Don’t they carrreeee?


    1. I’m gonna add this, how about the police put the areas where these idiots live on the do not respond list? And have someone infiltrate Antifa & BLM and start suggesting those neighborhoods for places to riot, loot & burn.


  3. Tell us the truth… who wouldn’t really feel much better about the world if the police immediately quit responding to any call place by a Hollyweird celebrity or a member of their family. LAPD is a joke to begin with, but it would still make me smile if I heard that Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood were no longer patrolled or protected by the police. Let them all eat Nancy’s ice cream.


  4. I’ve heard of Jane Fonda, but she’s like 100 now. She never did have a mind of her own. Instead, she morphed into whatever her husband of the moment wanted her to be.


  5. Speaking of Jane Fonda. Serious question: Will she have a private grave somewhere? I keep wondering if I’ll need a walker to stand in the line that will form for those of us that want to piss on her grave.

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  6. Proof – Every “celebrity” can say stupid crap like that because they will always have enough money for private security. The average inner-city family does not, and that’s the point. None of these spoiled assholes give a rat’s ass about the inner cities, while people like me head there every day to keep it somewhat safe.

    MelP – A city councilwoman demanded detective protection of her residence during the riots. She is rabidly anti-police, so no one wanted to volunteer. The two guys with the least amount of time on go the job, and the bitch told then they can’t park the car in front of her house.

    I would have replied, “Okay, we’ll be a few blocks away. Good luck.” That’s likely no one even looked at me for the job.

    RG – I’d have no problem with the m going without. I would love to see Rapinoe come face to face with a burglar, but even afterward she would still hate the police.

    Kitty – Not only do I not consider Jane a celebrity; I don’t consider her a person.


  7. Ingineer – The left loves her because she hates all the people the media hates.

    MelP – I’m old enough to remember when Hollywood was celebrating first responders during the Wuhan Virus outbreak, and how we were “All in this Together.” Wait, that was like a week ago…


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