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A friend of mine who works in another city department forwarded this to me. It’s an email from Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney regarding the George Floyd riots. I believe it gives outsiders a view into the mayor’s (and the city’s) worldview.

Black communities across the country and right here at home are in pain. I recognize that years of trauma and violence, caused by a long history of institutional racism, have led to this moment. Know that I believe in the cause of the protesters, and I stand behind them 100 percent.

I appreciate the work you are doing during an incredibly challenging time on several fronts—a pandemic, the most difficult budget situation in recent history, and the shared grief we’re facing now.

Nearly half of our diverse workforce are Black Philadelphians; we know that they and many other members of our City government family are personally affected by what’s happening on our streets. Know this: I am thinking of you and fighting for you. Our administration will work hard to dismantle our broken system and rebuild one that works for all Philadelphians.

A symbol of that work happened today. Overnight, we removed the statue of Frank Rizzo from the front of the Municipal Services Building. The statue has understandably enraged and hurt many Philadelphians, including those protesting the heinous murders of George Floyd and too many others.

The removal is a small step. We now need to do the hard but critical work of engaging in dialogue and making real changes that forge a path that leads to true equity for all residents. I am committed to doing this work in the pursuit of racial and economic justice so that our communities can heal and all residents can prosper in our great city.

Unfortunately, the last few days have also resulted in devastation and destruction of many commercial corridors throughout the city, so many of which are also in communities of color. These businesses and communities will need rebuilding even as we work on the deeper issues that led us to this place.

Over the next days, weeks, and months I will be engaging in dialogue with community members to help address injustices and build a more equitable city. It’s up to us as public servants to represent our city and set an example for our neighbors—both in today’s uncertain times and in the future as we recover together.

We will get through this and make real change together.

Yours in service,

11 thoughts on “Posted Without Comment

    1. Rizzo was Philadelphia mayor from 1972-80 and was Police Commissioner before that. He was the last law and order mayor, and while he had a heavy hand – and allowed his cops to have them, too – he was more or less beloved by the city.

      Kenney was a huge supporter of the statue as a city councilman, but changed his tune when he decided to cater to the Antifa mobs.


  1. Has Kenney prostated himself at the feet of the BLM crowd yet? I haven’t paid close enough attention.

    I have many thoughts about this whole mess, but NONE of them have a thing to do with concerning myself the the past acts of other human beings I never knew.


  2. Dude, you really need to apply for jobs in the area that you want to move to & get t-f OUT of that sh*thole.


  3. TX Nick – The man has always been a worm, and he’s been a politician all his life. Never made an honest day’s work.

    Mike47 – Our last Mayor, Michael “Squidward” Nutter was awful, but he looks like Rudy Giuliani compared to this clown.

    Cathy – There is no GOP in Philly. They have abandoned the city – not that I blame them – so many conservatives register as Democrats to get the least worst leftist. Didn’t work this time.

    RG – Mrs. Earp doesn’t want to leave until Julia is finished high school. Not sure I can stay here for another seven years. The city is dying, and I don’t want to be stuck when it collapses.

    MelP – I know. The city despises us, and the ones who don’t want us dead, turn on us when the mob approaches. For example, a Center City restaurant was giving on-duty cops free lunch after we saved the place from rioters. The employees found out and they all threatened to quit if they didn’t stop feeding the officers. The restaurant caved.


  4. I see Rizzo was a democrat. Interesting how the dems have morphed into whatever George Soros wants them to be.


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