True Detective Stories

So the Philadelphia protests riots are continuing unabated, thanks to the city’s pro-Antifa mayor, district attorney, and police commissioner. The trio have given the appearance of supporting the rioters and looters over the police, business owners, and law-abiding citizens.

You see, the police are the real problem here, and the upper-echelon commanders have decided to treat patrol officers like children.

An order was put out by a commander – the one who ordered his officers to kneel before Black Lives Matter – which stated all supervisors will read the First Amendment to patrol officers before every tour.

Apparently the department believes no one has ever read the Constitution, or if they did, they weren’t smart enough to understand it. So it will be read, every tour of every day, until Antifa is through destroying Philadelphia.

Our betters are much smarter than we are, and they have nothing but good intentions.

“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” ― George Orwell, 1984

7 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. TX Nick – It’s been a leftist city since 1948, so the rot is ingrained. The only thing I can do it head to work, do my job, and plan to leave this city and state. After that, this entire city can burn to the ground. I couldn’t care less.


  2. It still makes me laugh every time I read an article about your police chief. She is some completely appropriately named. It has to be source of many inside jokes among the street cops.


    1. Just read it. Honestly, I think the author is only making a stink because the war came to his neighborhood. Where was he when we were enjoying a 27% boom in homicides? We’re at 176 already.


    2. How DARE residents protect their neighborhoods! How disgusting!

      They should have groveled before their betters and begged forgiveness, then helped the “protesters” trash, loot, and burn their homes. Only then would the residents have proven their wokeness. /sarc


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