Nick Picks Tricks For Kicks

Meet Nick Nicholson (wow, did his parents hate him), a former commissioner of Hernando County, Florida.

Nick was dismissed from his elected position in 2018, after offering room and board to some women who were down on their luck. Apparently these women go down early and often.

Two years ago, Nick Nicholson made national headlines when the then-Hernando County commissioner was charged with giving room and board to prostitutes in exchange for sex and running a brothel from his Spring Hill home.

After the 2018 arrest, Nicholson, a Republican, was blasted by the local Republican leadership. He was suspended by the governor and resigned his seat. As a first-time offender facing misdemeanor charges, he ended up taking a plea deal and paid a fine of $729.

Now he wants his old job back.

Of course he does, because like every politician, Nick has likely never had a real job.

He filed paperwork early Monday, the start of official qualifying for local political offices, to run again for the District 1 commission seat in a crowded field with three other Republicans who have also pre-qualified. There is one Democrat who also filed Monday running for the seat and formal qualifying for office ends at noon on Friday.

Normally I would assume clear-thinking Republican voters would pelt this clown with tomatoes – or in this case, sex toys – but it’s Flori-Duh. I’d put his chances at 50/50.

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