Philly PD To Make Sweeping “Reforms”

The Philadelphia Police Department is scheduled to making sweeping (leftist) reforms in the wake of the George Floyd killing. In an email sent out by the police commissioner, they city is going to embrace corrupt, failed President Barack Obama’s anti-police measures and implement them, post haste.

“Today, Mayor Kenney announced several police reform measures, many of which will be implemented in the coming weeks and months. These measures are collaborative in nature, and are essential in strengthening police-community relations, improving as an organization, and augmenting the level of trust garnered from our communities.

The measures described below will greatly assist us in continuing to shift away from dated, archaic, and less-inclusive paradigms, and toward the type of policing model that will serve all communities equally, and enhance our legitimacy in the very communities we are entrusted to protect and serve.

Reform measures include, but are not limited to, acceptance of President Obama’s challenge for law enforcement agencies to review and update use of force policies; creation of a civilian oversight commission; increased transparency in the civilian complaint, investigation, and disciplinary process; creation of staff positions specifically dedicated to diversity and inclusion; establishment of an “early warning system” for tracking employee performance; and increased transparency within the collective bargaining system.”

One of the proposed policies deals with service weapons. Whenever an officer unholster his or her firearm, a Use of Force report will be completed. If the officer then points the firearm at someone, another Use of Force form will be completed. On top of that, the department will be issuing strict regulations for when an officer can draw his or her service weapon, and if the officer is in violation of the new guidelines, they will disciplined, or possibly fired/arrested.

I spent all eleven years in patrol on the overnight shift. Oftentimes I would have to respond to burglary/robbery calls alone, at least until backup arrived. I had my pistol out every time I checked a front or rear door, because that’s usually where the ambush happens.

Under this policy, I would have spent more time filling out forms than patrolling the streets. This directive is ridiculous, and it is going to get police officers killed. Not that the city would care.

13 thoughts on “Philly PD To Make Sweeping “Reforms”

  1. Surprised the new rules don’t require use of force forms to be filled out any time you take a pee. Doesn’t that act “trigger” the Silly Juvenile Whiners and special snowflakes?


  2. If for some strange reason you don’t end up in Texas you can always work for (Polk Co. Florida) Sheriff Grady Judd who most recently said, “We shot him multiple times. We shot him enough that he didn’t shoot back anymore.”

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  3. TX Nick – My former coworker stopped by today and asked, “What happens when you serve a high-risk warrant and everyone has their guns out before breaching the door?” She’s got a good point.

    Jim – Is that the same sheriff who said he hopes citizens shoot Antifa types?


  4. “Under this policy, I would have spent more time filling out forms than patrolling the streets.”

    I suspect that’s a feature, not a bug.


  5. “Sweeping Reforms” probably means he will take away your guns and give you brooms. That way you can clean up the debris from all the “protesting” that will come your way.


  6. Philadelphia is now officially uninhabitable (if it wasn’t before). One giant free fire zone. Civilized people will flee forthwith, for the sake of their families if not themselves. The barbarians own it now.


  7. I’d like to comment intelligently, but it doesn’t appear any intelligence was used in making these decisions, so I can’t very well make an intelligent comment. See yesterday’s comments.

    Question: (This is for real and not sarcastic) Does Philly have a warlord yet like Seattle?


  8. CJB – Most definitely. We get absolutely no support from the city or the department, so I’m all for heeding every word of the directive.

    TX Nick – Our jackass city council is already working on four reforms for the department, days after we were ordered to watch their houses because Antifa doxxed them. I’m sure they’ll be fair to the people who protected them. :/

    RC – You’re not wrong. The second I retire – hopefully soon – we’re out of Philly and out of PA. Headed south, likely to Tennessee.

    RG – Not yet, but to be honest, Philadelphians get tired of this nonsense more quickly than other towns. Even the looters eventually get bored.


  9. How soon do you expect them to replace your cars with unicorns and your guns with Nerf guns? And how about those new rainbow uniforms?


  10. Doc – It’s a complete and utter joke. Politicians who have never been a victim of crime or never wore the uniform are going to reform a department they don’t know or don’t care about.


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