Fuchs Almost Fuchs Everything Up

Meet Ginny Fuchs, a boxer for the United States Olympic team. Ginny was given a hard way to go after a doping test found some “banned substances” in her system. Ginny fought and won her case after she explained how the, um, substances penetrated her body.

Boxer Ginny Fuchs had a unique reason for failing a doping test. During a Thursday interview Mark Berman, the American-born boxer explained that she tested positive on a doping test from “intimate contact.”

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency found steroids in her system, which she, um, “ingested” during sex with her boyfriend. The boyfriend was taking a steroid supplement at the time, and after an investigation, cleared Fuchs to continue training for the 2021 Games.

When asked what advice she might have for other women in her situation, she said, “Always take the necessary precautions in any case, especially with intimate contact … I don’t want them to get blindsided by my unique experience.”

Dear Ginny, if watching the Rocky films taught me anything, it’s that there is always a guy with a spit bucket nearby.

10 thoughts on “Fuchs Almost Fuchs Everything Up

  1. I’m no prude, but yechh. That’s pretty disgusting.
    You don’t have her phone number by chance do you?


    1. Never mind on the phone number. I checked on a bunch of her hot pictures and then ran across one with her boyfriend. No thanks.


  2. I dated a girl in college who could detect THC in my system by doing a taste test… It’s an impressive skill…


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