Next Stop, Kamloops

A video blogger who goes by the name TinyTrainTracks decided to build a LEGO train track in the middle of a Canadian forest.

There is no word if he ran into Sasquatch during the construction.

In celebration of springtime, vlogger TinyTrainTracks laid a long row of LEGO tracks across a trail of the local forest. A tiny LEGO train was set upon the tracks to journey through the fresh green trees. The footage was captured with a GoPro.

“It’s finally spring!! Filmed this fun build in the forest trail. Enjoy and Please Ride Again on the TinyTrainTrack!”

The video is pretty awesome. you can see it below the fold.


10 thoughts on “Next Stop, Kamloops

  1. That was definitely cool. Needed a soundtrack to go with it, though. Something to go with the times…………..


      1. It was a tossup between that and “Hot Rails To Hell”. Not that a relative yute like yourself would appreciate the beautiful melodies that were released the year and the year after I graduated HS, but I imagine that you resonate with the sentiment in your fine, old forthright soul………….


  2. The video missed a golden opportunity to use Canadian Railroad Trilogy as a soundtrack for the video.
    Open - in another tab and start the music. Then go back and watch the video again!


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