PA Makes A Run For The Border

Leftist Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf does not receive a lot of national press, but he is arguably one of the worst five governors in America.

Herr Wolf has adopted a Draconian stance on the Wuhan Virus lockdown, and while people in Pennsylvania are suffering, they occasional go over the wall… toward Ohio.

An Ohio restaurant has named Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf their “employee of the month” after a business boom. Erie News Now reports that Breakwall BBQ say that they’ve had hundreds of customers cross the border to eat at their restaurant.

While the restaurant owner claims the title is tongue-in-cheek, it speaks volumes about Herr Wolf’s actions during the pandemic, and residents’ feelings toward him.

“A lot of people from Pennsylvania who wanted to get out of of their houses got out of their houses and came and visited us,” owner Mike Morgan said.

Erie County continues to be in the “yellow phase.” The owners say they’ve broken sales records, and a big chunk of it is Pennsylvanians.

Expect all these Pennsylvanians to be charged by Herr Wolf and his Stasi in the next few weeks.

6 thoughts on “PA Makes A Run For The Border

  1. It’s good to see you have a governor stimulating small business and job creation. Keep up the good work Pennsylvania!


  2. TX Nick – Herr Wolf is allegedly a businessman, and doesn’t realize people are fleeing his lockdown state to spend money elsewhere. It’s like he has no clue. And he doesn’t.

    RG – Wolf is still not budging on releasing the citizens from their homes. Legitimate states are easing restrictions, but this prick refused to do so. What does he care? He’s in his second term.


  3. Gov. DeWine had to order that only persons with Ohio licenses could purchase alcohol in Ohio stores in four eastern counties. They were being overwhelmed by people from western PA! 🙂


    1. Holy moly!
      I understand it doesn’t matter anymore, but can he legally do that?

      So one illegal action leads to another illegal action. Which will lead to law-abiding becoming law-breakers.
      We’re getting past the funny part of this end of civilization and heading into the endy part.


  4. William – Why would he do that? is there not enough alcohol for the rest of the state?

    Veeshir – The Democrat mayors and DAs aren’t arresting rioters, but they;ll arrest you for not wearing a mask. We’re beyond peak stupid.


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