Minneapolis Is The New Detroit

You folks may find this difficult to believe, but the weeks-long looting, rioting, and protesting in Minneapolis have created some unintended consequences. Well, unintended for clueless politicians and the leftists in academia.

Nearly a quarter of the homes for sale and 43% of the apartments for rent in Minneapolis hit the market since violent rioting began in the city.

It appears that residents of Minneapolis are looking to leave their city amidst a wave of unrest and a campaign lead by the progressive city council to abolish its own police force. 22% of the 612 homes listed for sale in Minneapolis on Zillow were posted there within the last two weeks. A staggering 43% of the 740 apartments for rent listed on Zillow hit the site since the riots began. Zillow is the premiere online real estate service. (H/T – TX Nick)

The good news is you can purchase a fabulous home mere blocks away from the University of Minnesota campus. The bad news is to get there, you have to walk through a neighborhood which makes Mogadishu look like Beverly Hills.

I feel sorry for the good people who will be trapped after the exodus – and trust me, there will be thousands of them – but I have no sympathy for the people who continually elected Democrats in that city. You did this; not Trump, nor the police, nor anyone else.

10 thoughts on “Minneapolis Is The New Detroit

  1. I live in a suburb of Minneapolis called New Brighton (which, contrary to John Malkovich’s beliefs, does not have a high school). I guess I’m about ten miles as the crow flies from all the burning and looting. My message to the people of Minneapolis is: ten miles should just about do it.

    When it was really crazy in the city, we were all commenting to each other: “Tough to believe the city’s on fire only ten miles away.” Because it seemed like just another spring day in the suburbs.

    Plus, just yesterday I saw no fewer than three apartment buildings going up in New Brighton. I commented that they could see a lot of refugees from Minneapolis.

    The people I feel most sorry for are the old people in Minneapolis, who face the choice of the house they’ve spent 50 years in or some home where they have to live with strangers instead of memories. Everybody else, though…if you stay in Minneapolis, you have only yourself to blame for whatever happens. You voted for this. You wanted your cosmopolitan lifestyle and high-density living. You wanted all your neighborhoods with the twee names. And you took security for granted, because why wouldn’t you?

    Now you can’t, so it’s either get out or take your chances that your liberal bona fides will persuade the mobs to pass by your place.

    Spoiler alert: they won’t.


    1. Hope they stay in Minnesota for another reason: the Iron Range (where taconite is mined, up north) is switching to Donald Trump after being reliably Democrat for decades. If the President wins Minnesota in November, think of the keening, wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments that will happen.


  2. Mitch – I fell the same way here. Philly is a dying, awfully-run city, and while I love parts of this place, it pisses me off that I have to leave. And I HAVE to leave. This city will be Detroit in ten years – if not sooner – and the confiscatory taxes here are going to bankrupt me.

    My fellow citizens/dopes keep voting Democrat and the city gets worse and worse. I always vite GOP here but it doesn’t matter. So I deserve the city I get.

    Veeshir – Agreed. These leftists run away from an awful state to turn another one awful too.


    1. I think a lot of people in virtually every state are starting to realize that most states are uncomfortably tied to large, poorly-run cities that nevertheless distort the voting map. Minnesota is a huge state with a lot of small towns and medium-sized cities, but Minneapolis and St. Paul call the shots. Same with New York State and NYC, Missouri and St. Louis, Illinois and Chicago, etc. Think about how much of Pennsylvania is not Philly. Philly more reasonably belongs in Jersey, but that leftist stronghold gets to tell people in Meadville, Oil City, and Erie how they’re going to live.

      Getting out is one thing. Untying states from the cities that are ruining is another thing entirely.


      1. The more cities that are within a state, the more taxes have to be collected and fines that have to be imposed. Otherwise, the politicians and “civil” servants would never get paid and their retirement funds wouldn’t get padded. Disincorporate small towns (Ferguson, MO comes to mind) and police wouldn’t be forced to balance budgets by strictly enforcing traffic laws, and someone selling loose cigarettes.


  3. Well, it looks like the city council will have to defund the police, since the tax base will be moving to parts unknown.

    But somehow, I don’t think this will affect any politician’s pension.


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