Beverly Hills Ninja

The United States military is still smearing Al Qaeda thugs all over the ground in Syria, and they’re doing it with more panache than usual. Ladies, gentlemen, Daniel-san, I give you the Ninja Bomb.

The US-led coalition in Syria is believed to have used a “secret,” highly advanced missile filled with knives to take out two al Qaeda commanders in the country last weekend.

The weapon, dubbed the “ninja bomb,” fatally struck the two terrorist leaders — Jordanian Qassam ul-Urdini and Yemeni Bilal al-Sanaani — in their SUV as they traveled through northwestern Syria Sunday night.

But the modern projectile managed to leave the vehicle shockingly untouched in the attack. Video circulating from the scene appears to show the targeted SUV with a caved-in roof and damaged front windshield, with the blast leaving several of the vehicles’ tinted windows perfectly intact.

The 100-pound missile, formally the Hellfire R9X, doesn’t explode and instead relies on six knives that are stored inside and spring out moments before impact.

So apparently, the U.S. military is now less Black Hawk Down and more West Side Story.

8 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Ninja

  1. TX Nick – It’s great they worried more about the damage to the car than to the terrorists.

    Veeshir – “And here’s the best part… it doesn’t even explode!”


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