The Heroine Britain Deserves

Meet Jessica Layton of Cornwall, England.

This beautiful woman is (rightly) being hailed as a hero after she rescued a mother and her two teen daughters after they got caught in a strong rip current.

Oh, did I mention she saved three people’s lives… while topless?

Jessica Layton was sunbathing on the naturist beach at Pedn Vounder near Porthcurno, Cornwall, on Tuesday when the drama unfolded. The 28-year-old had been at the beach to enjoy the current sunny weather in the UK.

“It was just after 3pm and the tide was coming in. I decided to go for a final rip before going home,” Ms Layton said. “I was topless in the sea when I saw two teenage girls struggling to swim near rocks, their mum ran in to help them and she started struggling too.

“They were all holding hands, so I grabbed one of their hands and pulled them all on to the beach.”

Okay, let’s tally up Jessica’s score.

That’s Triple XP for bringing all three women back to shore, three Rescue Badges since all the victims survived, three Squad Boosts for going topless, access to the Bonus Stage, and fifty years of Premium Time because she’s just that gorgeous.

6 thoughts on “The Heroine Britain Deserves

  1. A pity she didn’t rescue them sooner… she was wearing nothing but her birthday suit a few minutes earlier.

    Well done, Ma’am. You can rescue me anytime. As long as you are suitably undressed. 🙂


  2. TX Nick – The dictionary definition of a “hero.” She should be welcomed by the Queen.

    Sully – She’s gorgeous and has a very good heart. She should be the site’s new Official Babe.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. She said, “It’s a really weird thing. I just can’t grasp it.” I can think of a few things as comebacks, but since she is a gorgeous heroine, worthy of kudos and not crass thought, I’ll just say, “We’ll done,” to the heroine! Very cool story, regardless of her attire.


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