Red Light, Green Light, One, Two Glee!

Good news, everyone! The Netherlands’ Prime Minister has announced the lockdown will be lifted on Wednesday, so his citizens – and sex workers – can now go back to work.

(For the record, the photo above is Vica Kerekes, who is absolutely NOT a sex worker.)

Amsterdam’s Red Light District sex workers are getting ready to go back to work after the coronavirus lockdown.

They say they can’t wait to get back to business on July 1, a date that marks the end of a lockdown that began on March 12. But sex workers, who tend to be self-employed with little in the way of resources to fall back on, have suffered financially more than most.

Ladies, seriously, you could have called me. It’s not like I’m difficult to find!

In a small survey of the city’s sex workers, a little over half of respondents said they had applied for government support while they were unable to work. Of that 56%, only 13% said they had been offered help. Even those receiving the €1,050 monthly benefits struggle to make ends meet in a city where average rents are in the region of €1,000 a month.

All you had to do was say the word and I’d have evicted my family out of the house. If nothing else, it would have ensured my children learn how to survive on their own in this rough and tumble world. Plus, my new boarders would be good for releasing my, um, tension.

8 thoughts on “Red Light, Green Light, One, Two Glee!

  1. “For the record, the photo above is Vica Kerekes, who is absolutely NOT a sex worker.”

    That was literally a downer for me. 😦

    (I had my hopes up. Among other things.)


  2. We were wondering the other day how hard the “ladies” were being hit in Vegas. I saw my very first prostitute when we went to Vegas in ’77. They were literally EVERYWHERE!!


  3. I bet they have to wear masks to go with wrapping your little rascal.
    Which isn’t all that bad.
    To quote Jayne Cobb, “That’s why I never kiss em.”


  4. TX Nick – I forget which commenter alerted me about her, but she’s gorgeous and she’s Slovak. It’s win-win.

    Mike47 – And that’s the clip where I first saw her. Swoon!

    Ronni – I can’t imagine they’re doing well. Nevada is likely closed for business.

    Veeshir – Yeah, which is kind of a downer. What’s the point if all the good parts are covered?


  5. I can see your attraction. I have the same problem with Morena Baccarin. I like beautiful women, but now and then one particular one seems to get everything working all at the same time. I’m married to one like that and it’s enough to drive me crazy.


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