And So It Begins

For many New York City police officers, the realization has finally hit them like a ton of bricks. Literally. Neither the city, the mayor, nor the command staff has their backs, so officers are deciding to get out while the gettin’s good.

Believe me when I tell you, this is not just a New York phenomenon. It’s everywhere.

The flurry of Finest farewells began after the police-involved killing of George Floyd on May 25, with 272 uniformed cops putting in retirement papers from then through June 24, the NYPD says.

That’s a 49 percent spike from the 183 officers who filed during the same period last year.

Dan Bongino said on his podcast a week or two ago he is hearing the numbers are closer to 600; which includes resignations and retirements. He’s former NYPD, so he may have the inside scoop.

An NYPD source suggested the recent departures could signal a coming crisis for the 36,000-member department, which also faces a $1 billion budget reduction amid the “defund the police” furor.

One of my fellow detectives brought this to my attention, and when I checked up on it, I was stunned. Even before the beginning of the Floyd riots, we have had many officers either file for early retirement, or just out and out quit. The department releases a teletype message at the end of every day which shows the status of sick officers, resignations, and retirements. There are always a handful of people on the list, but there have been no names on the teletype at all last week. That is very unusual.

We know there are cops leaving for the same reasons the NYPD officers are leaving: no one has our backs here, either. The detective threw out this question: “We know people are leaving, so why are the teletypes more or less blank? Could it be so many are leaving that the department doesn’t want to post the numbers? Do they not want a panic?”

Good question. Everyone can read the daily teletype, so does the department want to admit people are leaving in droves? Do they think that would lead to even more officers fleeing the force? It certainly sounds plausible.

Also, I have heard a few blue city police departments – including NYC – have been considering a sick out during the July 4th weekend. No one in my department has suggested this, as far as I know, but it wouldn’t work here anyway. Our young cops are all about the job, and love pleasing their masters. Not that it would matter, since I’m off this weekend, but I figured you should know what we’ve heard.

UPDATE: Many thanks to CBD from Ace of Spades for the linkage!

9 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. “Imagine” John Lennon singing about all the cops checking out and telling the public to f*#! off.
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but this disturbs me a great deal.

    When I was trying to get a job as a police officer, the competition was intense. It was a serious big deal if one actually got selected for the job. I imagine at this point, that recruitment is at a dead standstill and the only people applying for the job are the brown shirted leftist assholes, or the Barney Fife wannabees, or the seriously deficient mental cases. A sane person would not apply for the job.

    When the revolution began, the communists had to KNOW that this would happen and it is all part of the master plan. (Oops, I didn’t mean to type master, that shows my white racist privilege.)

    Most of the friends I discuss this stuff with just say something like, “These radicals will just quit and go home. They know nobody supports them.” The second sentence is true, nobody does support them, but they are not going away because they are winning and the rest of us are sitting on the sidelines.

    The only hope we have is that a bunch of old geeezers like me finally say, “Well, I’ve lived a good life, I might as well go out in a blaze of glory.” Granted, this shit hasn’t come to my town, YET. But when it does, which it will, I will NOT put up with it. I’m sure I’ll end up in jail, even thought whatever I do will not be at all illegal. I have no plans to indiscriminately go out committing acts of violence, but I will defend myself and my family with whatever it takes.


  2. I cannot believe how many on the left feel about those men and women who place their lives on the line each and every for all of us. We owe you our respect and gratitude. I am currently looking at purchasing a .380 pistol for me. I am moving into Davenport in a few weeks and that is a different ballgame than the rural community I have lived in for 35 years.

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    1. My wife’s EDC (every day carry) is a small Ruger .380. She finds the kick to be a bit much due to it being a lightweight firearm. She is quite petite, therefore is somewhat limited in what she can conceal, so she is pretty much stuck with the .380.

      But she packs a .45 ACP in her car to make up for it.

      One of her liberal friends asked her, “What are you so afraid of?”

      She replied, “Not a damned thing.”


  3. RG – I fractured my ankle in the academy while running with my classmates. The department tried to claim I injured it off-duty, even though I had three witnesses to verify my story. They made my life very difficult while I was recovering, and I realized I was just a number to them.

    I still did my job to the best of my ability, but I’d be lying if I said I gave a crap about this department.

    Ronni – I don’t even need all that. I would just appreciate not getting angry glares when I walk into a store or walking to my car after work. People can hate the police all they want – it’s a free country – but not every cop is a killer. I’ve been here 26 years in some of the most violent neighborhoods in the city. Amount of use of force complaints? Zero.

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  4. I think there should be a national walk out day for White People. We’re being labeled racists and murderers with little evidence and no statements of how slavery actually was and why it existed. We’ve also been threatened by the virtue of the color of our skin. And some have been ruthlessly attacked by Blacks by surprise with no reason given.

    Yet somehow we’re supposed to continue working and trying to keep this country going in the face of this.

    Time to show those who think we are targets to realize how different their lives would be without us.


  5. Thanks, Wyatt. Very informative. And you made Ace’s sidebar!

    Work those Plan Bs. We may need them. And remember — OPSEC, OPSEC, OPSEC.


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