The Price Is Fright

British actress, model, and plastic surgery aficionado Katie Price has landed a starring role in a ghost hunting show. Well, if nothing else, she is certainly familiar with booooooobs. I’ll show myself out.

Katie Price is teaming up with Celebrity Big Brother star psychic Sally Morgan for a new ghost hunting show. Price, 42, despite being scared of the spooky beings will be in her element thanks to her supernatural gift.

In fairness, Katie has two supernatural gifts.

It’s believed that the glamour model turned reality star will be pairing up with the nation’s favourite psychic to mooch around a 900-year-old house which is said to be haunted by a little girl.

Katie is no stranger to ghostly encounters and is believed to have documented multiple supernatural encounters in her West Sussex mansion, known as Mucky Mansion but is now said to be living in her first “ghost-free home”.

Oh yes, she’s had supernatural encounters with the gardener, the butler, Paolo the pool boy, etc., etc.

4 thoughts on “The Price Is Fright

  1. Makes me think of the scene from the movie Modern Problems. If you’ve ever seen that movie, ChevyChase gets some kind of mental powers. Any way, the scene is where he’s standing the the doorway & his girlfriend is still in bed & he, um, helps her finish off…


  2. MelP – The scene where the radioactive waste keeps spilling onto the car at the beginning always stayed with me. Although I’d be happy to finish Katie off.


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