The Bidens Are Irreparably Corrupt

Hunter Biden, the dullard, drug-using, stripper-banging son of Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden was given Secret Service protection on hundreds of junkets around the country, and the world.

The son of the former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee in waiting used Secret Service protection on at least 411 international and domestic trips during the Obama years, according to records released this month under the Freedom of Information Act to the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch.

The records show Hunter Biden made at least 29 international trips between January 2009 and July 2014 and hundreds more criss-crossing the United States.

Most of the trips were likely to China and Ukraine. How else was Hunter going to explain his multi-million dollar do-nothing job?

While it is normal for the Secret Service to provide family members of a president and vice president with security details, Hunter Biden’s security logs stand out for the sheer volume of travel.

The FOIA covered 1,987 days of the Obama presidency (July 1, 2014 thru Jan. 19, 2017 have not yet been produced), meaning Hunter Biden averaged a trip once every five days or so during the covered period.

Every. Five. Days.

Listen fat, Hunter was the son of the Vice-President, so there is no scandal here, you right-wing conspiracy theorists! There is not even a smidgen of corruption, you dog-faced pony soldier.

7 thoughts on “The Bidens Are Irreparably Corrupt

  1. Proof – What kind of stamina can he possibly have? Oh yeah, the cocaine.

    Ronni – Most politicians are corrupt, but good grief, the Bidens go above and beyond.

    TX Nick – Club Gitmo has some empty cells.


  2. If you would like to see how corrupt the Biden clan really was/is, get a copy of “Profiles in Corruption” by Peter Schweizer. Should be required reading for every American planning to cast a vote in November.

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