Forrest Jump

A New York man jumped out of a skydiving plane while wearing a parachute, and apparently fell to his death without wearing one.

A New York City man who was killed in a skydiving incident on Sunday was not wearing his parachute when he hit the ground, State Police said.

The victim, identified as William McCartin, 40, boarded a plane at “Skydive the Ranch” in Gardiner. He jumped out along with another skydiver at approximately 14,000 feet.

The witness told police McCartin jumped from the plane while wearing a parachute. He hit the ground in the parking lot of the Gardiner Fire Department on State Route 44/55 in Gardiner where he died from his injuries.

Since I don’t believe parachutes are itchy, my educated guess is William wanted to self-delete, and took the parachute off mid-flight.

9 thoughts on “Forrest Jump

  1. RG – I mean, there are less expensive ways to kill yourself. Pay $1,000 or so to skydive just to remove the parachute? Dude, just lie down on the railroad tracks.


  2. Gomez Addams had a theory about sky diving: if he used a smaller parachute each time he jumped, eventually he wouldn’t need one.

    It all went well, except for the last two feet…

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  3. We had a skydive center in my district for years. Made international news when their plane crashed. When they moved away, I was never happier. Nuts, every last one of them.


  4. TX Nick – He needed to stay alive to continually hear Tish speak French.

    Cathy – Or his irate girlfriend.

    Proof – LOL.

    CJB – I’m usually up for adventure, but never in my life would I jump out of a perfectly good airplane.


    1. I had an acquaintance explain to me the reasoning for “jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.”

      “About half of plane crashes occur on takeoff and landing. If you jump out of one mid-air, you eliminate 50% of the risk.”


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