Now That’s Nazi Very Nice

Meet Alexander Feaster of Hunter, Oklahoma.

Alexander is not necessarily a Nazi, but he certainly is Nazi-curious. His home is adorned with two Nazi flags, and he is very protective of them. Very protective.

Responding to a 3 AM 911 call about shots being fired, cops found the 26-year-old victim lying in a ditch across from a Garfield County home owned by Alexander Feaster, the 44-year-old shooter.

The victim, cops say, was at a party across from Feaster’s property when she accepted a challenge to swipe one of the two swastika flags attached to the exterior of his 1200-square-foot home.

While the woman succeeded in taking one of the flags, her getaway was thwarted when Feaster allegedly open fired on her as she reached the end of his driveway. Cops say the woman suffered multiple gunshot wounds, but is expected to recover.

Now I’m going to guess the victim was liquored up, because no rational thinking person would decide to steal a swastika flag from a Nazi enthusiast. Nazis are usually armed and usually angry, so the end result here should have been obvious from the start.

10 thoughts on “Now That’s Nazi Very Nice

    1. If somebody is running away, are you really defending your property? Or do you mean the flag as property? I hate thieves as much as the next guy, but shooting somebody in the back multiple times over a $20 item seems a little extreme.


  1. Proof – My biggest problem here is the guy looks exactly like Chris Elliott from There’s Something About Mary.

    TX Nick – And yet they would need a mask before shooting. Stupid governor.

    Ingineer – Thanks. Just came to me.

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  2. I’m looking at that picture and thinking, “Man, I really hope somebody searched the basement.” You know he’s got a skin mask down there somewhere.


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