Let Freedom Ring

The Declaration of Independence, arguably the greatest document ever created, was approved by Congress on this date two hundred and forty-four years ago. It was the penultimate document of freedom and liberty, created after oppressive British taxes and a lack of representation in Parliament.

It has been the dictionary definition of freedom for two centuries, and the Left will continue to tell you it is a garbage document created by racist, white men. They will claim these men were despicable slave owners – fourteen of the twenty-one Founders owned slaves – whose amazing contributions to America are null and void because of this fact.

The Left will tell you these men should be ostracized, their likenesses removed from the public square, and their memories be purged from history. Don’t let them do it.

While the Left is looking to remove statues of Theodore Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant, and Abraham Lincoln, remember there were more than two million white soldiers fighting for the Union Army. These men were fighting to keep the Union together, as well as the abolition of slavery, and the fought alongside free black men.

The soldiers of the Confederate Army were mostly fighting for their individual states and for the continuation of slavery, which ran the Southern economy. Its abolition would destroy them, economically, so they were fighting for their survival. Were there good and bad on both sides? Sure. Was every Confederate a disgusting racist? No. Should we ever forget the scourge of American slavery? Of course not, but that’s what the Left is trying to accomplish here.

Toppling statues and disparaging the Founders will not erase history, and ironically, if you erase enough history, people forget it ever happened.

Look, America has more than its share of problems, but it is still the greatest country on Earth, by far. Try not to let the handful of people from the “Hate America Crowd” convince you otherwise.

“We can have no ’50-50′ allegiance in this country. Either a man is an American and nothing else, or he is not an American at all.”Theodore Roosevelt

6 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring

  1. Excellent summary of the situation. What is clear to me about the left today is that they have run out of campaign issues that will gain them any traction, so they fall back to the emotional platform that “racism” provides. How easy it is to call anything racist, and if you run out of human targets, go for statues. Riots are great attention-getters, if peaceful protesting doesn’t work for you. And if you need money to hire more rioters and get more bricks delivered, old George Soros and his friends at DNC will get you what you need. Used to be the enemy was easy to see, they had odd uniforms or strange clothing. Now they walk among us and tear up our cities and try to erase our history in the name of “justice”. They are the enemy now, and we must deal with it to protect our country.


  2. TX Nick – Amen.

    Cathy – Still the best hope on this Earth.

    Mike47 – Thanks. The events of the last few months have me worried for the republic, but I have hope the American people will reject the violent, hateful people trying to destroy this country.

    RG – He certainly was, and now people want to erase his memory.


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