True Detective Stories

Today’s episode of TDS is a cornucopia of smaller stories that didn’t necessarily warrant its own post, but were worth mentioning anyway.

#1. Last week, officers responded to a report of fireworks/gunshots – no one knew for sure what it was – and when the officers arrived, the entire block came out to start trouble. The neighbors started harassing the cops, throwing insults and profanity at them, and a few people got in the officers’ faces. The officers were trying to deescalate the situation, then one thug POS punched a rookie in the eye, breaking his orbital bone.

All this was captured on body cameras.

The evidence was collected, the doer was identified, and we sent the job to the District Attorney’s Office. Hours later, the DA sent it back, claiming there was not enough evidence supplied to approve the arrest warrant. Infuriated, the supervisor sent every officer’s body camera footage to the D.A. and demanded they watch every piece of video taken during the incident.

The kid had his orbital bone broken, and this Soros-appointed DA refuses to charge the thug. But yeah, the cops are the problem…

#2. Speaking of problems, our “police commissioner” sent out an order yesterday stating every member of the police department must wear a mask on duty, from the time you start your tour until the time you finish. There will also be “discipline” for those who do not comply.

I mean, everyone in my building has been sans masks since March, and we have bathed in each other’s germs for three months now. You know how many of us got sick? Zero.

By the way, the masks are not mandatory for the protesters descending upon the city – again – this weekend.

#3. Finally, Diego the Idiot Detective is back in the news. This week he was putting together a photo array for a job, and while the supervisor was checking his array, he learned how the suspect was identified.

Apparently, Diego’s witnesses identified the suspect while the suspect was wearing a mask!

The supervisor called Diego over and asked, “Was this suspect identified while he was wearing a mask?” Diego nodded yes. The supervisor then said, “You know this is going to be a problem during the preliminary hearing, right?”

Diego, ever the rocket surgeon, replied, “Why would it?”

As I started laughing, the supervisor replied, “Never mind. Good luck with that.”

6 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. #3 : Are you sure you shouldn’t be calling “Diego” by his co-star’s name, “Sid?”

    Maybe his mask is too tight and it’s cutting off the oxygen supply to his brain. (If he has one.)


  2. Maybe send the DA the scene where Denzel Washington deals with the rapist in Training Day and see if that’s how he wants criminals dealt with.


  3. I just noticed that True Detective Stories and Trump Derangement Syndrome have the same initials. Coincidence???

    Speaking of DAs not worth spit, I hear that all the thugs arrested in CHAZ/CHOP will not be prosecuted either. Those little darlings will be back on the streets to spread rainbows and pixie dust!


    1. Proof, I noticed that awhile back. I believe there is a serious correlation. Something that centers around mental illness.

      It is truly amazing that after Soros has installed all his commie DA’s, that suddenly all this stuff is happening. What a coincidence. I’m sure none of this nationwide violence and hatred of police has anything to do with any of this at all.

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  4. My darling little brother has a Trump 2020 mask that he like to wear. Honestly, I don’t know where he gets his smart-@ssedness from.

    There’s also goiter masks over at Amazon that are skeletons, Joker & animals (wolves, bears). Your division can have all sorts of fun here.


  5. TX Nick – Diego it is, because he’s dumber than Dora the Explorer’s young friend.

    Ingineer – Well, that would give them another excuse to arrest cops. The members of the District Attorney’s Office are not our friends, and a lot of these gung-ho cops are seeing that first-hand.

    Proof – That’s why these riots will continue; because no one wants to do their job.

    MelP – If I was in better shape, I’d buy the Bane mask.


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