CNN Hosts Mock Rising Violence

CNN talking heads Fredo Cuomo and Don Lemon – who was credibly accused of sexual assault – spent Tuesday mocking the “fake” skyrocketing crime rates in nation’s blue cities. Because, you know, that’s all a myth perpetrated by Orange Man Bad.

CNN opinion hosts Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night mocked rising crime rates in major Democrat-controlled cities as President Donald Trump hammers the issue on the campaign trail.

Yeah, it was hilarious when that man in New York City was shot dead while walking his daughter down a street in broad daylight, amirite? Fucking clowns.

In voices mocking supposed story lines from conservative media organizations, the duo said:

Lemon: Yeah. “Democratic cities are in chaos right now. Is this what you want from Joe Biden? And they’re gonna take your country away. And they’re taking down the statues.”

Cuomo: “Crime is rising as they defund police!”

Lemon: “Crime is rising! … It’s so bad and they get defunding the police.”

Look, I know Cuomo and Lemon are low-IQ morons, but I figured I would explain what’s actually happening in my city. As of yesterday, we’ve tallied 214 homicides. That’s a 29% increase over last year. Our shootings are through the roof compared to 2019, and shooting incidents – shots fired where no one was struck – are also way up.

The primary reason for these increases are simple: leftist mayors and their Soros-appointed DA’s have been releasing most criminals, under-charging others, and giving shooters probation. (That has actually happened here.) They refused to charge/prosecute the rioters, released the looters, and have watched their cities devolve into chaos.

You don’t have to be a college graduate to realize this is a recipe for disaster.

People are being murdered in broad daylight in out nation’s big cities, and these two jackasses think it’s a joke.

8 thoughts on “CNN Hosts Mock Rising Violence

  1. Leftists never learn until those even more left come for them. It will happen to these clowns eventually.


  2. Speaking of clowns, who actually pays any serious attention to cnn anymore? I think their only redeeming social value is occasional amusement, which tenuously distinguishes them from the obscene.


  3. RG – I’d like to see Lemon charged for his “alleged” sexual assault of a male bartender.

    Mike47 – I don’t know anyone who watches it anymore. If it weren’t for airport terminals, they would have zero viewers.


  4. Good thing no one’s watching. Except in airports, and even then it’s probably 20 seconds and then they go back to Candy Crush.


  5. Mitch – Or head off to the pretzel stand…

    Veeshir – The irony being they show the riots 24/7, but no, not even a smidgen of violence. Or something.


  6. These clowns poke fun at the fact that this country is circling the drain. Meanwhile, many of us are preparing for a possible second civil war.


  7. Ronni – Make no mistake; if, God forbid, a civil war happens, the media will be targeted by both sides. No one likes the media anymore, and everyone knows they are sowing division.


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