Greg Louganis Would Be Proud

A chunky young woman almost received a well-deserved Darwin Award after she jumped off a rooftop into a pool.

A daredevil woman ended up with a painful reminder of her Fourth of July celebration, after attempting to leap from a rooftop into a pool – but slamming into a patio shelter on the way down.

The patio shelter is expected to make a full recovery.

Cellphone footage captures the heart-stopping moment that the woman and a male pal take a running jump from the top of the two-story house. But while the man manages a graceful plunge into the water below, the woman stumbles near the edge after not getting up enough speed.

Really? From the looks of her, I figured she ran the hundred in 4.3 seconds.

Her leg catches the edge of the shelter on her way to the ground she is flipped over before plunging headfirst into the pool.

The woman received a 7.5 from the U.S., England, and French judges, but the Soviets gave her a 3.0.

The video is at the link, and it’s high-freakin’-larious.

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