It’s Literally The Wild West

This story is ten days old now, but since it was never covered by the leftist media, I only heard about it from Proof. On July 3, a group of BLM terrorists surrounded an Aurora, Colorado police district and chained the doors with police officers inside.

The feckless Aurora Police Department did nothing for seven hours while the officers were trapped inside.

Aurora police officers were trapped inside the District 1 station house for hours July 3 night after protesters chained the doors shut and plotted to storm the building.

The incident occurred when protesters demonstrating at a memorial for 23-year-old Elijah McClain marched to the Aurora Police Department’s District 1 station house near Montview and Wheeling just after 8 p.m. on July 3. Protesters chained the doors of the police station shut from the outside, trapping officers inside.

Afterward, police found full gas cans and other homemade weapons hidden in the area around the police station.

Doesn’t take a genius to know they were going to burn the building with the officers inside.

“There wasn’t a rush to come in move people out,” Officer Longshore said. “The officers were safe inside. We wanted to give the people the ability to express their First Amendment right, to protest, peacefully assemble and make their voices heard…” (H/TMike AKA Proof)

If you live in Aurora, I’d recommend you pull up stakes and get out before it’s too late. If they let their own police officers be imprisoned by the mob, what chance do you have?

Democrat-led cities are allowing this to happen with impunity. I sincerely suggest if you are not armed, start arming yourself. These people will murder you if given the chance, and the police in most blue cities will do nothing to stop them.

15 thoughts on “It’s Literally The Wild West

  1. Going to the gun range for the first time this week. Have the husbands of two friends who are taking me. The guys both work for the county sheriff’s dept. I just bought a .380 which I am hoping is all I need. The guy who lives next to me has two shotguns and assorted other firearms in his gun safe. Wyatt, praying nothing like that happens to you. Stay safe (as best you can).

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  2. Ronni – A .380 would be just fine. I’d carry my 1911 but it weighs a ton. It’s getting worse here but I’m ready for anything which comes my way.


  3. Funny how I missed seeing this on the internet also. And I frequent conservative sites.

    I’ll be heading to the range this week. Need to brush up on my skills a bit. I’ll exercise the .40 S&W, my .38 S&W model 642, and my Tarus Judge. Each has its own purpose. The Judge is my home defense weapon (along with my AR-15 .556), the .38 is my EDC (every day carry), and the .40 S&W is my car gun if I am on a trip. I have a few more different models and calibers (I celebrate diversity in my own way), but since I’m dipping below a thousand rounds of ammo in some of them, I have to wait until prices decrease before I will play with them.

    For the new gun owners here:

    1) Take a concealed carry course.
    2) Get concealed carry insurance.
    3) Practice shooting every chance you get.
    4) Read up on the laws in your state (and city, in the democrat controlled ones).
    5) Practice some more.

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      1. The Taurus Judge is illegal in California, because the geniuses here deem the cylinder as a “rotary magazine” chambered for shotgun shells.
        A law designed to outlaw “street sweepers”, outlawed revolvers. Liberals are morons.


    1. I’m going to do it. I live in a suburb of Minneapolis and I know it’s time for me to be able to defend myself (even though the cops in the suburbs still have some support). Problem: I’m 50 and I’ve never fired a gun before. I’m nervous, but I’m going to learn how and buy a gun, definitely before November, when it really will be the Wild West.


      1. It’s a little intimidating at first, but after a while it becomes second nature. I hunted with my father and grandfather as young as ten, but my first time with a pistol was in the police academy.


        1. My Dad taught all of his kids how to shoot, safely, while we were single digits old. I think I was around six when I shot a .22 and a 20 gauge shotgun. We hunted to put food on the table. We were taught never, NEVER, to play with real guns. And the real guns were stored in a closet, unlocked, and usually with the magazines loaded and chambers empty.

          We had cap pistols and made rubber band guns from clothespins. And waged war against each other and the neighborhood kids. Without adult supervision. An no “Karens” screaming at us.

          I feel sorry for the children these days.


  4. TX Nick – The department gives you two boxes of ammo every time you go plinking – shooting off duty . I don’t do it as much as I did when I was young, but it’s a great deal.

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  5. The takeaway lesson for me is take nothing for granted. “Who in his right mind would assault a police station?” those of us in our right minds might ask. This is at least the second one. When these miscreants are emboldened to attack police stations, without any real consequences, no place is truly safe. The Left isn’t playing by the old rules.
    Be careful out (and in ) there.

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  6. Proof – It only happens when the cops give up or are ordered to stand down. No one in my building would let this happen unless we were ordered to do so. And even then, I’m likely to be the one to disobey that order. But I have a lot of time on the job, so I’m not too keen on unlawful orders.

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  7. My sister lives in Aurora and she didn’t know this. I live 60 miles north of there and this is the first time I’d heard the story. Aurora is a shithole anyway, so it doesn’t surprise me. They have an interim police chief who is probably the Philly PD Chief’s sister. That’s all you need to know.


  8. RG – She risked her officers’ lives with this stunt. They obviously had the gas to burn down the station with the officers inside. Probably a good bet no one will be arrested or charged, either.


    1. The reason I left police work in 1979 was because of my LT, who was as politically correct as you can be and that was over 40 years ago. I have to admit, I DO hate cops – the ones that are in charge and who are complete pussies. Grow a set of balls. I still remember regretting the time I was following this clown down a hall with a guy between us. The guy tried to coldcock the lieutenant from behind and the LT never even knew it until I kind of put the guy through the drywall in the hallway into the next room. He was oblivious to it all. How these candy assed clowns get in positions of authority in a police department I have never figured out. I have concluded that we are all DOOMED!


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