Gender Reveal Party Goes Off The Hook

Meet Marshall Richardson of St. Petersburg, Flori-Duh. Richardson was just chillin’ in his homie’s crib during a party when he became upset when his peeps started smoking in front of the kids.

Homie don’t play that.

Cops say that Marshall Richardson, 27, was a guest at a family party Sunday afternoon at a St. Petersburg residence that was hosted by Richardson’s brother and his girlfriend, who is six months pregnant.

During the party, cops say, an argument began after Richardson “told subjects to stop smoking around the kids.” After the pregnant woman became upset and called Richardson names, Richardson got into a fight with his brother.

When the siblings were separated, the pregnant woman again called Richardson names, prompting him to allegedly punch her in the face.

Did she not understand homie don’t play that? The good news is everyone stopped smoking after Marshall dropped this chick like third grade French.

4 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Party Goes Off The Hook

  1. Proof – Hey! He was thinking if the chidrens!

    TX Nick – Logic never entered the equation here. This is my shocked face…

    Ronni – You’re talking about the crack, right?


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