Philly Waives All Charges/Fines For Riots

Hat Tip: Sean Walsh, Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Mayor Jim “I’ll Have Another Drink” Kenney has decided to waive all charges, citations, and fines for those who peacefully rioted, set fires, and assaulted police during the George Floyd Riots. (Congratulations George, everyone remembers you now, but only for the destruction they reaped in your name.)

The Democratic mayor of Philadelphia is waiving several hundred citations issued to city residents who violated curfews and failed to disperse as ordered by police during recent demonstrations supporting Black Lives Matter. In addition, Mayor Jim Kenney is tossing out scores of additional violations of the city’s civil codes.

So the dozens and dozens of police officers assaulted – including a few very seriously wounded – will see no justice, because leftist lives matter more than a police officer’s.

“Philadelphia’s Law Department and Office of Administrative Review previously recommended that the city drop most CVNs that had been enforced during the height of civil unrest in the city. Protests have persisted for more than a month in Philadelphia following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May,” Philly Voice reported.

CVNs are not criminal offenses, as they only result in fines.

This motherfucker implemented an oppressive city beverage tax, raised property taxes, voted for red light cameras, and installed speed cameras throughout the city. Everything this prick does revolves around taxing the citizens into oblivion, and NOW he decides to waive millions of dollars in fines?

“In waiving these notices, I recognize that those issues are vitally important, that the pain of those marching is very real, and that their message — black lives matter — needs to be heard every day until systemic racism is fully eradicated from this city and nation,” he continued, Philly Voice reported. (H/TMis. Hum.)

Yes, their pain is so real they decided to burn down retail stores, looted those which weren’t on fire, threw rocks and bottles at cops, and literally ran over a police officer with their car. But by all means, dickhead, let them off scot-free.

The worst part of this is because this garbage town lies between New York City and Washington, D.C., it receives very little attention from the national media. The entire nation should know how this leftist clown is destroying this city.

8 thoughts on “Philly Waives All Charges/Fines For Riots

  1. I understand it’s semantics, but how can any mayor waive citations? I thought this was something the DA had power to do, but not a mayor. Probably just piss poor reporting. I’m sure the mayor and DA are in this together. The whole thing is outrageous. I’ve been there personally, having been assaulted severely and had my own DA drop all charges. All because of politics. Our legal system has been bought and paid for by that human scum Nazi collaborator George Soros. Disgusting!


  2. Wonder if there is any way to hasten the demise of George Soros? He is 89 yrs old…he should be on his way out but is apparently on a quest to destroy this country! And the voters just keep re-electing these worthless, liberal puppets.


  3. The Federal government needs to RICO George Soros, his offspring, and every organization to which they donate. Send the perps, every one of them, to Malaysia (George has a date with the hangman there).

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    1. When I typed my above, as soon as I hit send, I thought about the RICO avenue. Great minds think alike. Pretty much you could RICO all the Demoncrats and all their political apparatus, but it will never ever happen.


  4. I’m sure Soros’ network is vast and elusive. Proof that it has infested the country is how little we see/hear about him in the broadcast media. I’m sure if that started, there would be a lot of missing reporters very quickly. Soros and his network should be treated like any other subversive group declared a threat to national security.


  5. RG – The mayor asked the DA to eliminate all the arrests/citations, and since Larry Krasner is a Soros stooge, he willfully complied. This entire city is lawless, and in a few years it’ll bee no different than New York City or Baltimore.

    Ronni – Won’t matter. The POS will rot in Hell, but he has demon spawn who will take over for him after he’s dead.

    TX Nick – I’m sure Trump would be up for that, but the Swamp? Never going to happen.

    Mike47 – Soros is a terrorist, as are all his minions. They should be regarded as such.


      1. I know. Training today was titled “Professionalism,” for a department which doesn’t arrest rioters, looters, and assaulters, and if they do, release them with no charges filed.

        Plus, they spent a half hour explaining all the terms used by the LGBTQQIA+ community. I have no problem with the community, but wasting training time on something you can search on the Interwebz in three seconds seems counterproductive.


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