Aww, Shoot!

I have started the night shift – thank Vishnu, no 5:30am wake up calls for two weeks – and I have been assigned for my annual training. Municipal Police Officer (MPO) Training is mandated for everyone once a year. It usually involves classroom training and the pistol range.

This year has been trying, thanks to the Chinese Wuhan Virus, and the department has to train 5,000+ officers before December 31st. No training was given during the lockdown, the city refuses to provide online training, and the state will not give the departments a pass. You’d think a “deadly pandemic” would be enough for the state, but my state blows.

Anyway, I spent last night in a “Professionalism” class, and spent every moment trying to stop myself from yelling, “You know what isn’t professional? Releasing hundreds of people who were arrested for cause during the riots!”

I kept my mouth closed, ignored most of the session, and passed the test with ease.

Tonight is the pistol range. The temperature is supposed to reach a chilly 88 degrees when I’m on the firing line, but at least I’ll be out of the office. My only real worry is the department may take my gun.

You see, a few years ago, the city gave us the option to turn in our 9mm pistols for either a .40-caliber or a .45. I chose the .40 and I absolutely love it. Now, the city wants to move everyone back to the 9mm, because bosses are more concerned with everyone having the same pistol than, you know, prosecuting BLM rioters.

I expect to do well at the range, unless they switch my pistol at the last minute. Guys in my squad said they were given a brand new pistol, were never allowed to put rounds through it, and – obviously – did poorly on their qualifications. We’ll see.

9 thoughts on “Aww, Shoot!

  1. Wow. I didn’t realize we had that in common. I’ve been packing my S&W model 4006 for close to two decades now. I nailed a water moccasin at 40 yards once at my ex-SIL’s farm to her amazement. Of course, it was a large one.

    One of my fav’s to shoot.


  2. TX Nick – Well, they didn’t reclaim my .40, which is awesome, but Vishnu, I was awful today. We use the NRA TQ silhouette target – not sure which one – and center mass is five points, outside that are three, and zero if you miss the silhouette.

    So I threw a round in the three from seven yards, then threw two of six from the 25-yard line off the silhouette. I was just stressed out, tired, and my left shoulder has been killing me for a few weeks. (It’s bad, but I don’t want to have surgery and lose all that sick time.)

    Not an excuse, though; I was just awful.

    If you hit everything you get 300 points, then you divide the score by three. I hit 132 out of 150 in the first half, and felt like throwing up. I hit 150 out of 150 in the second half for an uninspiring grade of 94.

    A kid next to me shot a 99, and I said, “That’s it?” We started talking and he said he hopes he can still hit 94s when he’s 51. Wasn’t much consolation, because if I hadn’t rushed, I would have done much better.


  3. I only nailed the snake 3 out of five shots. That was enough to turn it into fish food (we threw it into the creek when it stopped moving). And I wasn’t doing a timed shoot. Ordinarily, I don’t kill anything that I can’t eat or isn’t threatening me, but for water moccasins I will make an exception.

    I make do some shooting tomorrow at a local range tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

    Stay safe.


      1. Well, I ran a couple hundred rounds through my .38, .40, and my wife’s .45. About 99% went into the paper. Only missed the paper twice at 40 feet with the .38. I didn’t do too well with the .38 as far as grouping, but I did perforate the “bad guy” target in the kill zone most of the time. Pretty good for a one inch barrel and shooting double action (no hammer on the S&W model 642).

        Nice grouping with the .40, but I need to work on either the sights or my aim. I was consistently hitting the target around the belly button and to the left, about where the guy’s appendix would be located. He’d die a painful death, but it would be a lingering one.

        I did ok with my lady’s .45, but was low on ammo. I only shot one magazine load, but the grouping was tolerable… about two inches at 15 feet.

        All in all, I’d say fair for a guy who hasn’t shot for a year and a half. But I will definitely hit the range again soon. My brother and I have a trip coming up to a gun show in Florida (OMG!), so I’ll be looking for good prices for my diverse collection of tools.


        1. I have some hearing issues and the audiologist advised me not to shoot even with hearing protection, but if you don’t use it, you lose it. When I do go, I use good earplugs, then put earmuffs on as well. I need some range time as well, it’s been awhile.


  4. If it’s any consolation, I carry a SIG P229 in .40 caliber. It is the most comfortable gun I have ever used. I have the smaller SIG P239 in .40 too. I guess great minds think alike. I have a similar to the snake story using a Browning Buckmark .22 and a prairie dog. A shot I would never make more than once in a lifetime, but since it was only one shot, with a friend’s gun, it was nice to bask in glory without telling him it was pure luck.

    I have tried more than anything to refrain from saying anything at all about your future, because it’s, well… your future, not mine, but all these crazy stories make me want to tell you to GTFO of Philly ASAP.


  5. RG – We’re definitely leaving, and I’m likely signing up for the DROP program by March. I’ll have four more years to work, then we’re gone.


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