F**k These People In Particular

I apologize, but this story is a day or two old, but I had to post ahead because I’m in training this week.

The official NBA store was willing to customize a jersey with the name “Kill Cops” on the back.

The NBA store was momentarily willing to sell a “KillCops” jersey.

After finding out I couldn’t buy a “FreeHongKong” jersey from the NBA store’s website, I called and asked to get one.

The NBA wouldn’t sell me a custom Houston Rockets jersey with “FreeHongKong” on the back. The reason why is likely tied to the fact that the league is incredibly cozy with the Chinese dictatorship.

When asked if I could get “Kill Cops,” the sales attendant said stuff with spaces didn’t work. When I asked for “KillCops,” the sales attendant was more than willing to oblige.

I’ve been trying my best not to ruin the kids’ enjoyment of sports, so I’m not imposing my bans on them as well. The only thing we ever watch is soccer, hockey, and auto racing. The NFL and NBA have been dead to me for many years, and this latest stunt proves it’s the best decision I ever made.

5 thoughts on “F**k These People In Particular

  1. The NBA, Nothing But Asses. I gave up on the NBA long before the NFL. They have a higher percentage of thugs per team than any sport and are disgusting people. At least they wear pretty shoes made by a woke shoe company.

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  2. Fun fact: NBA players are widely acknowledged as being the worst tippers of any of the major sports leagues. Think about that when they start talking about the little guy and the common people.

    Also, pro basketball, for a few seasons of the pace-and-space offense, was truly fun and exciting again, after two decades of grinding in the lane (started ironically by Pat Riley and his thuggish Knicks). Then the statheads got into the front offices. Now it’s all three-pointers and drives to the basket to get fouled. And most of them still only make about 70% of their free throws.

    You don’t miss anything by not watching the new CBA (Chinese Basketball Association; Isiah Thomas destroyed the Continental Basketball Association). Just balls clanging off the rim.

    And with the new SJW uniforms and the poor tipping, this is a cohort of people who richly deserve a significant measure of saliva in their food.


  3. MelP – Nicely played.

    Mitch – My mother worked as a waitress and worked at banquet halls. As a result, I always over=tip. Twenty percent is my minimum. You have to be godawful for me to go under that. Ever.

    To quote Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven, “It’s not tipping I believe in. It’s overtipping.”


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