Japanese Baseball Loves Its Fan

A Japanese baseball fan was allowed to see a Yomiuri Giants baseball game inside the Tokyo Dome – alone – during one of their recent home games. She was literally the only fan in attendance for the game. The Giants probably made her sit in the nosebleed section.

One lucky baseball fan was taken inside the otherwise empty Tokyo Dome for Yomiuri Giants’ win on Tuesday via a monitor mounted on a robot she controlled from home.

Nippon Professional Baseball teams have begun their season without fans in stadia due to restrictions implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19, yet 14-year-old Futaba Tsuchiya was given special access via the monitor.

Tsuchiya also interviewed two Giants players and spoke to cheerleaders as she toured the 55,000 capacity Tokyo Dome.

One fan in attendance. Well, that’s more than the Miami Marlins see on an average day.

6 thoughts on “Japanese Baseball Loves Its Fan

  1. RG – That would be tremendous, but our POS mayor already backtracked on the Eagles attendance. He’s apparently going to allow fans into the stadiums, because he’s a hypocrite.


    1. I did read a scientific journal that said that the Wuhan Virus cannot be transmitted to anyone when they are watching football live in a stadium, so he’s good to go. /snarc
      Hypocrite doesn’t come close to what this prick really is.


  2. Why not 4 or 5? They could be 100 yards apart.
    Stephen Den Beste always said we aren’t scared enough of the Japanese.
    I agreed.


  3. I’m guessing the poor fan didn’t even get to hit the concession stand. What a waste of time if no junk food is available!


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