The Karening

A New York woman – let’s call her “Karen” – approached a bikini-clad woman outside Freedom Lake and demeaned her for being “naked.”

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

While filming videos at upstate New York’s Freedom Lake, TikTok user Aurea was approached by an angry mother who said her string bikini bottom constituted being naked — and her sons could not look away.

In their recorded interaction, the unidentified mother approaches Aurea and tells her to “get her ass covered,” telling her she’s not allowed to “be nude on a beach,” despite Aurea wearing a swimsuit.

Remember, this happened at FREEDOM LAKE.

“What do you mean?” Aurea asked. “Is there a rule that says that?”

The mom, who has not been identified, insists that there is — and, additionally, her children are staring.

Of course they were staring… they’re boys! Look Karen, just because you don’t look good in a bathing suit anymore doesn’t mean you have to crush the hopes and dreams of your uber-horny children.

4 thoughts on “The Karening

  1. If the “naked” girl was coyote ugly, I could sympathize with “Karen.” But I think this is nothing more than a butt ugly busybody having a jealous fit at someone much nicer looking.

    I just wish swimsuit styles were like this when I was an easily excited teenager. I’d be accused of bouncing around on a pogo stick.


  2. I grew up near there and it’s a good thing she wasn’t on the other side of the Hudson, they have nekkid areas in the mountains near Mohonk along a stream with a big pond/small lake.
    And no, it’s not as fun as you might think. There’s no weight limit.


  3. TX Nick – Some bathing suits now are ridiculous. I mean, I’ll stare, but even teenagers wear practically nothing,. I already informed Julia she will not be dressing like this while I am alive.

    Cathy – Absolutely true, and I will not apologize.

    Veeshir – Yeah, you take the good with the bad. I don’t go to the beach without a shirt, even in the water. I did when I was in high school and college, but not anymore. Thee intestinal surgery gave me a twelve-inch scar right down the stomach.


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