Pump It Up

Pennsylvania Uber-Fuhrer Tom Wolf has decreed the commonwealth’s gyms could reopen yesterday. Naturally, Herr Wolf had conditions, including a limit on people in attendance, and masks for everyone.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to work out while wearing a mask? You’re already a sweaty mess, and the mask makes it difficult to breathe.

But I digress.

The kind and generous Uber-Fuhrer has allowed us peasants to get healthy again, but I was concerned with the regulations. The mask wasn’t such a big deal, but I was worried the cap on gym rats would leave me out in the cold hot. I walked to the gym – it’s about a half mile from home – and the parking lot looked sparse. Good sign. There was a flyer on the door explaining the maximum occupancy, as well. I took a deep breath, read the flyer, and boom… 145 people was the limit.

In eleven months of going to Planet Fitness, I have never seen 145 people in there at once.

In fact, when I arrived at 9am, there were seven people working out, and three employees. That’s it. Either people were worried about the Chinese Wuhan Virus, or they didn’t want to show up on the first day. Their loss was my gain.

While I have been jogging all year – I’m currently sitting at 328 miles – I am completely out of shape. I used the weight I was using in March for every machine I hit, and immediately had to “adjust” the plates. I couldn’t lift anything close to the weight I was working out with four months ago. I know that’s common, but it’s depressing; the regression that comes with this b.s. pandemic.

That said, I had an overall good day. I worked out for a little over an hour, hit all the machines I wanted, and while I am really, really sore today, but I’m SOOO glad to be back there.

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