True Detective Stories

In past episodes of True Detective Stories, I have occasionally lamented the uncooperative nature of the locals when it comes to police investigations. On Monday night, I was able to talk to one of these citizens on the phone, and it was a very interesting interaction.

We responded to a shooting incident after receiving multiple calls for gunshots in the area. The first officer on the scene found fourteen total casings from two separate firearms. Thankfully, no one seemed to be hit, but the neighborhood was understandably on edge.

While the assigned detective was processing the scene, a man called the division and said someone from my unit asked to view the footage of the incident from his Ring doorbell camera. The man was hesitant, because he knew cooperating with police is a sure way to catch trouble, especially in a violent district…

The man was very nice and quite apologetic during the call. He said, “The incident happened near my home, and I wanted to let the officer view the camera, but I need to think about my wife and children’s safety when I’m not home.”

The man said he would gladly call back when the detective was in the office and find a way to get the footage to him, but he was rightfully scared of the repercussions.

For the longest time I looked down upon people who wouldn’t do the right thing, or victims who refused to cooperate with police investigations. Mostly because I knew their cooperation would – usually – get the terrorists off the street and make their neighborhood safer. But they don’t see it like that, because while I get to go home to a fairly safe residence after eight hours, these people have nowhere to go.

Either they can’t leave or the won’t leave, and the people surrounding them fell through the cracks and are now selling drugs, robbing pedestrians, or shooting people. Even if the offender gets put away, there are always friends who will look for some payback.

So for this man to stand up and take the risk of talking to police makes him a hundred times more courageous than all of us who patrol the streets and roll around in the criminal filth.

4 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. It is sad that this reaction is an exception. If more people would stand together with the police, the bad guys wouldn’t have a chance.

    Needless to say, his privacy needs to be respected and protected.


  2. TX Nick – Agreed. It’s terrible what these people have to go through day in and day out, but with this Soros DA in place, things will get worse.

    Ronni – We’re looking out for him. Thee case will likely never be solved because there’s not a good description, but he’s a brave man.

    Kitty – Always, especially in that neighborhood.


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