Cluck You, Too!

A Belgian woman was treated at a local hospital after she thought she was a chicken. Apparently, the woman was unintentionally clucking and crowing throughout the day.

The case of a Belgian woman who believed that she was a chicken has been cited by psychiatrists as an example of a potentially under-reported mental health disorder linked to depression.

The 54-year-old woman, who had no history of drug or alcohol abuse, was found by her brother in her garden clucking and blowing her cheeks before crowing like a rooster.

On arrival at an accident and emergency ward, the woman had expressed her conviction and had spoken of feeling new sensations in her limbs.

Worse still, the feathers kept shedding onto the carpet.

Following a seizure, the thoughts no longer plagued the woman and she was said to be embarrassed by the episode, of which her memory was impaired.

That’s actually pretty scary. With my luck, I’d suffer a seizure and forget that I love boobs.

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