These Criminals Have Brass(erie) Balls

A Pennsylvania burglary team found an ingenious way to subdue their victims, although their reasoning was kind of a stretch.

Troopers in Jefferson County say a man and woman were arrested after they tried to burglarize a home while they mistakenly thought the family was at the airport.

The couple were hooked on the idea, think the job would be a snap.

According to state police, 30-year-old Jeremy Appleton and 36-year-old Andrea Roton entered the Reynoldsville home July 19 believing the people who lived there had gone to the DuBois Airport. Troopers say they were wrong about no one being home, though.

Appleton and Roton were not exactly DD-elighted with that news.

They say Roton tried to restrain one of the victims with a bra before she escaped the home.

Hmm, I guess burglary is not Appleton and Roton’s cup of tea.

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