The Wheels Are In Motion

Well, after two straight weeks of trying to contact the Personnel Department, I finally got in touch with someone. I am about to take the first step toward early retirement.

When I finally got through, there was one person working in the office. Apparently the Chinese Wuhan Virus decimated the employees downtown. The man I talked to was not someone familiar with the DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan), but he did point me in the right direction. I emailed the head of Police Personnel and her second-in-command, and shortly thereafter the second responded to my email.

The good news is I will be put on the waiting list. The bad news is two-fold. First, I will not receive the paperwork for ten to twelve weeks due to the massive amount of officers looking to leave. Second, they are not scheduling in-person interviews for the foreseeable future.

I’m not fully versed on the DROP Program, so I’ll try to wing it the best I can. When I sign up, my current salary will be frozen. I will have to work four more years at that frozen salary, and at the end of those four years, the pay I would have otherwise received – including raises, etc. – would be paid out in one lump sum.

An employee can pick any retirement date they choose – a guy in my squad picked his birthday to be his final day – but I need to work the full four years for the maximum payout. The DROP coordinators will give me specifics on the payout, and the monthly pay from my pension. Again, I don’t know enough about it to be more clear.

I likely won’t get the in-person interview/consultation for six months or so thanks to the Wuhan, but at least I can see the end to this tunnel. I am currently in my twenty-sixth year, and the extra four should have me out with thirty years total. I’ll be fifty-five years old.

Obviously, I’ll continue working after I leave the department, but I sincerely doubt the new enterprise will have anything to do with law enforcement. I’ve given this city thirty years of my life. That’s more than enough.

16 thoughts on “The Wheels Are In Motion

  1. Excellent. I’ll pray for a administrative miracle that expedites your paperwork through the system. Four years, though. That’s a long time. I think a cynical cop like you can pass the time if not with grace then with attitude.


  2. Proof – That’s the plan. Like Peter Gibbons from Office Space, “I’m doing just enough to not be hassled.”

    Jim – It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.. I’ll be the Jack Bauer of the nudie bar.

    MelP – Do women need to be fluffed, because if so…

    Ronni – More than a few detectives in my squad already signed, as did my lieutenant, who’s aces. I don’t want to be the only veteran surrounded by kids.

    Jenn – Meh, I’m too old to play for the Oilers.

    Mitch – Everyone who signed up immediately went into “I Don’t Give A F**k Mode.” I probably won’t do that, because my particular job always has me busy, but I certainly won’t stress about nonsense anymore.

    Mike47 – I really kinda do that now. We all have targets on our backs, and I don’t trust anyone anymore.

    Cathy – What are these “manners” of which you speak?


  3. Awesome you finally got the ball rolling but sucks about wait time. My pension is state managed so all I did to start the DROP was fill out a paper with dates and my info and fax to interview or anything. our DROPS are quite different, here in Indiana it freezes my pension for the three years not my salary and thats the lump sum I get


  4. INPiker – I’m going by what guys in my division told me, but it’s also possible your plan is as similar as ours. I won’t know for sure until my interview.


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