Well, We’re Still Alive

We started our vacation Friday afternoon, and, as last year, we decided to rent a house in the Outer Banks, NC. The seven-plus hour drive is entirely worth it, since New Jersey’s shore rental fees are simply ridiculous. We paid less for two weeks in North Carolina than we would have for one week in Sea Isle City.

So yeah, New Jersey, eat a bag of Fort Dix.

Our only problem was the hurricane. Apparently Hurricane Isaias was churning in the Caribbean during the weekend, and we were hearing rumblings that the Outer Banks would have to be evacuated. Kevin freaked out at that, but the rest of us decided to play the waiting game.

On Friday we were told we’re all going to die. On Sunday, we were hearing our house would float into the ocean. On Monday, we were told we should get some rain and high winds.

So three days of stress turned out to be a big nothing-burger. Go figure.

Anyway, that’s where we are. The beach is great, the sun is really hot, and I’m getting some jogging in… while eating like a fat, sweaty hog.

If nothing else, at least the views are nice…

I’m going to do my best to get posts out, but if they’re not as frequent, it means I’m beaching.

6 thoughts on “Well, We’re Still Alive

  1. Having been exposed to so many tropical storms and hurricanes, you develop a sense of how bad one might be, not based on the media hyper-meterologists who shout the end is near, but on common sense and prior experience with these type storms. Any more they seem to assign a storm name if it coughs over a 39 mph wind speed. Gotta justify that Colorado university being paid your tax $$$ to predict the number and types of storms each year in advance. Enjoy your vacation…..there are already more storms lurking out in the Atlantic!!


  2. Al – Kevin was the most manic. He was on the tablet checking the weather every five minutes. It was starting to get really annoying really fast. We had light rain and some heavy winds. That’s all.


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