A Walk Among The Tombstones

Tuesday, the day after the non-hurricane hurricane, we spent the day at the Currituck Lighthouse in Corolla, NC. The lighthouse, finished in 1858, is on the National Register of Historic Places and it’s open for visitors to climb its 220 steps.

Unless there’s a fake pandemic, then you’re screwed.

So after finding out the lighthouse was closed, we toured the grounds. We walked over an historic bridge which leads to the Currituck Sound, checked out the Whalehead Club, which was built in the 1920’s, and learned the site was used for spotting German U-Boats during World War II…

As we were walking back to the car, Kevin found this little piece of heaven…

(Click to ebmiggen.) If teh interwebz weren’t lying to me, this is a ringneck snake. Kevin wanted to get a closer look, but the snake was coiled, so… no. Apparently ringnecks aren’t poisonous, but we kept our distance, anyway.

As if the snake wasn’t exciting enough, when we got to Mrs. Earp’s minivan, it wouldn’t go into gear. I could move the gear shift, but it would not engage. Since I know literally nothing about cars, we called a tow. The man who showed up couldn’t be nicer, and said the, um, thingy, popped off the transmission, which is why the engine wouldn’t engage.

He showed us how to attach the cable if it falls off again, but we asked him if his place could fix it. The garage could, and it’s being repaired as you read this, and it’s not costing us a fortune.

Since Mrs. Earp’s Saturn is a 2006, we’ll be looking for a new used family truckster when we get back.

6 thoughts on “A Walk Among The Tombstones

  1. I’m not a fan of snakes or vehicles that don’t work. But, sounds like you’re having a good time. I’d enjoy going to the Outer Banks. Went there once, by myself, and spent one night there and looked around Kitty Hawk. Was very nice!


    1. I’ve had quite a few vehicles in my life, and just recently let go of a 2006 Ford Explorer with 155K miles… cooling system problems. I usually research the heck out of major purchases, and this was no exception. Decided to go with a 2016 Toyota Highlander. Very nice, highly reliable, holds value, great family car. My first Toyota (made in Indiana) and it will probably last until I assume room temperature.


  2. I just returned this morning from a trip to the Fort Myers area of Flori-Duh. Drove my 2010 Jeep Rubicon there last Friday, spent some time with my brother and his daughter’s family, then he and I drove back to Plano, Texas. Non-stop, both directions. My little red wagon now has over 193,000 miles on it.

    Maybe one of these days I’ll wear it out.


  3. Car trouble is so exasperating! I really like my 2017 Ford Escape Titanium, however. And I figure FORD can either stand for Fix Or Repair Daily or First On Race Day. I prefer the latter. The lighthouse looks really cool. Too bad it was closed.


  4. RG – It’s great, the rentals don’t break your bank, and there aren’t too many people from Jersey. 🙂

    Mke47 – Thanks. We’re looking for a used car and have no ideas.

    TXNick – Need something larger with four kids…

    Ronni – Yeah, they wanted to climb it. Thee Wuhan ruins everything.


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