Twenty-Three Years And Counting

Today in my twenty-third wedding anniversary, and like every year, we’re celebrating it while n vacation.

I first started dating Mrs. Earp in 1992 while she was still in college. (The photo above is from her 1994 Spring Formal at West Chester University.) Her brother and I were good friends in high school, and a friendship blossomed into a relationship.

Our wedding day didn’t start off swimmingly. Her uncle’s car had a flat tire before the ceremony, so we needed a backup car, and it was in the high 90’s that sweltering August day. But, we persevered, and made it through without too much drama.

Our first son was born in 2001, then the second in 2004, and finally Irish twins (a boy and girl) in 2008. I never really expected to get married, or have four children, but the journey has been one filled with fun and love.

21 thoughts on “Twenty-Three Years And Counting

  1. Thanks all. We got out long enough to have a nice quiet dinner without the kids, after a long day at the beach. Still another week in NC, and so far it’s been fun.


  2. That’s so awesome, Wyatt! Congrats!!

    Number 31 coming up for me and the missus… and it only feels like three hundred!! (I kid. She great. 🙂 )

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