Hope She Has A Slush Fund

A female Florida 7-11 employee was assaulted by Florida Man after he lost his shite over the price of a Slurpee.

Investigators allege that Brian Duffy, 40, last month doused a 7-Eleven employee with the frozen treat during a 9:20 AM argument about the drink’s price inside a store in Pinellas Park.

A surveillance camera recorded Duffy “back handing the cup full of a Slurpee drink” out of the female victim’s hand. The Slurpee “flew onto the victim’s person,” a cop reported.

While Duffy left 7-Eleven before police responded, the victim yesterday afternoon “pointed the defendant out to law enforcement,” apparently after he returned to the convenience store.

During police questioning, Duffy recalled there previously was “an incident” in which he “was being charged too much for a drink.” But Duffy did not recall knocking the Slurpee out of the worker’s hand.

I believe him. Many Florida Men have no idea what they’re doing twenty-three hours a day.

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