Would You Please Pass The Jelly?

My family and I have been vacationing at the shore since I was in grade school. Despite being deathly afraid of sharks, I usually spent the entire day in the water.

In my decades of shore attendance, however, I have never seen – or even heard – of something like this.

Kyle was on his boogie board Saturday afternoon, catching some decent waves. I was walking the beach with Princess P, and when we returned to our spot, we saw Kyle wearing a towel, and his bathing suit was on the ground.

I looked at Kyle, and he said, “Try to guess what happened.”

Me, being me, I thought he had a bowel accident. I was wrong. His story was incredible.

“I was riding the boogie board and enjoying the waves, when a wave wiped me out. When I recovered, I felt something in my bathing suit pocket. I touched the pocket and realized a jellyfish slipped in there. So, I freaked out, and slowly walked to our spot, put a towel around me, dropped my bathing suit, and walked to the ocean.”

“When I got to the water, I dropped the bathing suit into the waves, and started moving it back and forth in the water. The jellyfish slipped out – it was one of the stinging ones – and floated away. I haven’t out on my suit since then.”

I asked him if he was stung, and he said, “No. I walked very slowly to the spot, because I thought if I ran it would have gotten me.”

The ocean was filled with jellyfish Sunday afternoon, so Kyle decided he’d stay on land most of the day. Weirdest story I’ve ever heard.

6 thoughts on “Would You Please Pass The Jelly?

  1. Good reactions. Lots of people would have freaked and been stung.

    I got stung by one in the Gulf south of Tampa.
    It felt like getting slapped by a board with a thousand, tiny needles on it.
    It ached for a couple days.


  2. PSA: If you get stung by a jellyfish, rinse the area with warm seawater or fresh water, not cold water (that could cause the jellyfish to “fire” more stingers). If possible, spray with slightly diluted vinegar. Do not rub the inflamed areas. Take a warm, soapy, shower but do not rub the inflamed areas.

    An old “remedy” I thought was valid is now discredited by most medical personnel: urinate on the inflamed area. It actually does nothing to ease the pain. (But it may attract some kinky people.)


  3. Veeshir – Yeah, he stayed calm while simultaneously freaking out. In was stung as a kid once. Not a pleasant experience.

    TX Nick – Peeimg your pants is the coolest!


  4. He has good instincts under pressure. Great job on the fathering, Wyatt!

    On an unrelated note, for some reason whenever I have to do something dangerous or precise under pressure, the phrase running through my mind is “Caaarrefullly poke the toothpicks through the plastic …”.

    Bonus points if you are old enough to remember the reference 😛


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