NCAA Football Sees Sad Trombone

Thanks to the Wuhan Virus – wow, it’s been all Wuhan so far today – the NCAA’s Big 10 and Pac-12 conferences have made the decision to either postpone or outright cancel their 2020 football seasons.

As the 2020 college football season hangs in the balance, coaches and players are using social media to voice their support for allowing the season to commence, using hashtags like #WeWantToPlay and #FIGHT.

Oh yes, everyone else in America needs to quarantine in their homes, watch their jobs disappear, and lose their freedom, but by all means, let the “student-athletes” play football.

“With the Big Ten and Pac-12 expected to cancel or postpone their seasons on Tuesday, the rumors have earned a response from some of the biggest names in the sport who took to Twitter to share their stance on the coming season,” NBC Washington reported Monday.

Nothing says impartiality or “follow the science” like head coaches sticking up for their players enormous salaries. Like teachers and the media, let’s celebrate our brave football coaches.

“I love our players & believe it is my responsibility to help them chase their dreams, both collectively & individually,” said Penn State University head football coach James Franklin. “I am willing to fight WITH them & for our program! #WeAre.”

YouAre… canceled. At least I hope so, because with the possible exception of Ohio State, Penn State is my least favorite football program. I’d be happy if the entire program folded.

UPDATE: The Big 10 officially “postponed” the football season with plans of playing in the spring… months after the college bowl games. Seriously, does no one in this country have a plan for the Wu-Flu?

6 thoughts on “NCAA Football Sees Sad Trombone

  1. Cathy – Yep. Coaches demanding football continue, but think of the children… or something. It’ll be great if the Left demands its shutdown. Killed by your own allies.

    TX Nick – Erik’s school is considering putting off football until spring, which means those a-holes will make sure spring sports – like lacrosse – will lose another season.


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