You Can’t Spell “Sauce” Without ECU

Few people know which colleges are party schools more than perspective students. For example, Kyle has always told me East Carolina University is one of the biggest party schools in the nation. Apparently, that opinion is well-founded.

WITN reports East Carolina University police have already had to shut down 20 student parties, one of which was packed with about 400 students.

Classes started at ECU on Monday.

Classes started MONDAY! Did you even have time to unpack your flasks?

ECU police say they’ve partnered with Greenville police and dedicated four of their officers to patrol areas that could be hot spots for parties and virus spread.

Some students, like ECU senior Sarah Springer, are trying to stay away from the parties. “I couldn’t bring that home to my parents. I would rather kind of stay and hang out with a select few,” she said.

Dollars to donuts, Sarah is the biggest lush in her dorm. No offense, Sarah.

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