You Thought Minneapolis Was Awful Now?

One would think the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota would just sit down and shut up after the George Floyd riots flattened their disgusting city. Unfortunately for the city council, they decided to pop out of their hole to remind us why they’re a disgusting, despicable group of humans.

The city of Minneapolis suffered around 1,500 heavily damaged buildings, with 150 set fire to and dozens burned to the ground. The city suffered half of a billion dollars in estimated damages from the riots following the police murder of George Floyd.

Defenders of government’s necessity argue that the protection of life and property is allegedly one of the goods government uniquely provides and for which we pay taxes, yet Minneapolis demonstrably did a terrible job on this task. But whether the government delivers on what it promises, it will always be diligent in insisting we pay for those promises.

Today the Minneapolis Star Tribune takes a long look at one reason why the aftermath of rampant destruction, as yet untended to, continues to haunt the city. As social scientists understand, such riot damage can have dire effects on development and poverty in an area for decades down the line. But one city policy in Minneapolis is ensuring, for now, that even early faltering attempts at clearing the rubble can’t move forward in many cases.

Wait for it…

You see, you can’t rebuild or do anything useful with your land until you’ve cleared off the rubble left on it by the rioting. And you can’t do that without a permit, of course. Minneapolis is a city of order, after all. And you can’t get the permit without paying off your 2020 property tax bill in full. As a result, only around 20 wrecked buildings have been demolished, according to the city.

As horrible as this policy is for the business owners, it is not the most puzzling question here. My question is why would any business owner stay in Minneapolis after the last three months of rioting, looting and murder? Tell the city council to go fuck themselves and move to a free state which believes in law and order.

Let Minneapolis die.

10 thoughts on “You Thought Minneapolis Was Awful Now?

  1. Typical of most politicians, they have no idea how businesses operate. In order to get the cash flow to pay their taxes, they must first reopen their businesses.
    These jackasses deserve to fail.


  2. The corporate headquarters for the company that I retired from was located in Minneapolis. Back in about 1984 or 1985 they wanted me to transfer there. There were a number of reasons why I declined the invitation even after being offered a 28% raise. Close to being #1 on the list was that most of the people that I encountered were liberal assholes. I see that it hasn’t changed for the better in the last 35 years…………..


    1. When I was in my mid-teens, my Dad was given a choice by his employer: move to Illinois or quit his job. Our family took a vote. Mom was willing to go north, but I and my three siblings voted nay. Dad breathed a sign of relief and told us he wasn’t going to drag us there anyway, but was glad none of us wanted to go.

      We had judged the entire state on what we heard about Chicago.

      I eventually took a job in a rural part of Illinois a few years ago. Most of the people I met were decent, but the closer I ventured to the Chiraq suburbs, the tighter my sphincter got. My visits to The Windy City I insured to be brief.


  3. Sue the crap out of the city for allowing it to happen.
    They gave the rioters room to riot, which directly resulted in damage to property.
    Sue them out of business and then move to alternate Minneapolis.
    Hey, it worked for the Simpsons.


  4. Little Mogadishu is filled with liberal assholes and ungrateful Somalis. All of them can eat shit and wallow in the city they’ve built for themselves.


  5. Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore is one of the businesses facing that challenge. It was already a devastating blow that all those books, some irreplaceable, were destroyed. Now the government is throwing up roadblocks to rebuilding. It will never be the same.


    1. I visited an impressive bookstore back in the mid ’70s. I don’t remember the name, but I was blown away by the selection. It might have been Uncle Hugo’s. Bought several books that day, I’d never seen anywhere else.


  6. I’ve mentioned before I live in a suburb of Minneapolis called New Brighton. It’s about ten miles from where the rioting and looting happened.

    Before Covid, I wasn’t going to downtown Minneapolis because of the roving gangs of thugs. Also, I have no interest in going to a baseball game, going to any downtown restaurant, buying anything at outrageous retail prices (along with an 8.025% sales tax rate).

    Now, I have no interest in even going to the outer parts of Minneapolis, where people live. There’s an area of South Minneapolis where the estate sales can be extremely fun to attend. But you have to pass through other parts of the city to get there.

    Who knows if the main highway is going to be blocked by protestors? What if my car breaks down in a broken city with hostile inhabitants? What if the sale is just a little close to the ‘hood?

    The building where I work straddles the border of each Twin City, in an area which has been zoned industrial for decades. That’s as far into the city as I’ll go. Nothing about Minneapolis holds any interest for me, and I prefer not to take my life in my hands.

    From someone who lives on Minneapolis’ doorstep: I agree. Let Minneapolis die.


    1. All the decent folks that have to live in or around “Mini-Hopeless” have my sympathies. Do your best to get out while you can.

      As motivation, just watch “Escape From New York” again.


  7. Mike – Which is why Trump is usually so good at presidenting. Shut up, I just made it a word.

    Tam – Sadly, most big cities turned out that way. If Biden wins, they’ll ruin the suburbs, too.

    TX Nick – Middle Pennsylvania is nice and rural. It’s just Philly and Pitt which ruin it for everyone else.

    Veeshir – And while Skorpio wanted to rule the world, he kept the homeless off the streets during the Fun Run.

    RG – Plus, they just assured brother-humper Ilhan Omar will be their representative in November. They deserve everything they get.

    Phillip – I read. A lot. Burning a book or a bookstore is more offensive to me than burning the flag. People who do that should get the death penalty. They’re books. They’ll make you a better person.

    Mitch – I feel exactly the same way about Philadelphia. It’s a great city with tremendous history, ruined by seventy years of uninterrupted Democrat rule. Philly can die the second I retire, because I’ll be looking to escape this place immediately after.


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