Oberführer Cuomo Closes Theaters

New York Oberführer Andrew Cuomo has decreed the state’s movie theaters will be closed indefinitely due to the Chinese Wuhan Virus. This as AMC Theatres plans to reopen Thursday.

Movie theaters will remain closed indefinitely in New York state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Monday, because he said cinemas are less essential and come with a higher risk of virus transmission among patrons. The decision means that, at this point, theaters in the country’s two largest markets of New York City and Los Angeles will not be open for AMC Theatres planned reopening Thursday.

While I’m not a fan of Cuomo’s continuing fascism, but I am a fan of Hollywood missing out on billions and billions of dollars.

Cuomo revealed his current thinking during a Monday briefing, during which he announced that gyms would be allowed to reopen August 24.

“It’s the level of risk. If you look at our metrics, we started with the most essential business that posed the least risk. And then it was the gradation to the least essential businesses that posed the most risk,” Cuomo said, according to Deadline.

The triumvirate of the Chinese Wuhan Virus, Andrew Cuomo, and Bill de Blasio have destroyed New York state and New York City. Writer James Altucher wrote as much in this compelling post, “NYC Is Dead Forever… Here’s Why.”

Altucher is correct here. Between the virus, the riots, and the economic devastation, I think NYC as we know it will never come back. I feel badly for the good people who will be trapped there. Hopefully they can flee before it’s too late.

9 thoughts on “Oberführer Cuomo Closes Theaters

  1. He wants to keep the worker ants healthy by allowing them to use a gym. Also running from thugs is good exercise. Happiness is not a necessity so theaters are off limits. Got it.


  2. Every American of voting age needs to watch “Escape From New York” before the election.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, that movie must be worth a million.


    1. On the plus side, if Hollyweird does a remake of that classic, the producers will save a lot of money by just filming on location. No need to construct a trashy set on the back lots.


  3. People are fleeing New York and California like crazy. My hope is that these are conservatives getting the heck out of Dodge.


  4. Cathy – The only thing I needed open was my gym, and that happened in July. Gotta wear a mask, which makes you sweat much more often, but I can work out. So I’ll take it.

    TX Nick – The article at the end of the post is amazing. I think Rush talked about it yesterday. It makes sense. The millionaires aren’t coming back.

    Veeshir – Agreed. Pataki was probably their last decent governor. And “Decent” is the best rating he would get.

    Ronni – The problem is, like locusts, the leftists will just ruin another town or another state. They never remember why they left awful cities like NYC.


    1. Decent only grading on a curve.
      He was a typical northeast Republican. He was only conservative in is campaign ads.
      I’m embarrassed I actually voted for him instead of against his opponent.
      That’s probably the last time I’ve done that. I always vote against now, even in 2016.
      Until 2020. I’ll be voting for Trump as much as against the Democrat, Biden or whoever.


      1. Fair points. Trump has been, for the most part, excellent. And even if I wasn’t a cop, I wouldn’t vote for anarchy. I will, however, vote against every Democrat, since my mayor and governor ruined this city and this state.


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