True Detective Stories

Well, it didn’t take long for Diego the Idiot Detective to get on my last damned nerve. Saturday night was crazy busy, and unfortunately, Diego landed a big gun job. For the most part, he processed the scene an the evidence without completely ruining everything, but what he said after processing the gun was one for the record books.

When we recover a gun, it has to be swabbed for DNA. Sometimes the DNA will come back to the owner, or any thug who happened to pick up the pistol. Dummy took the swab and walked up to the sergeant to begin likely the dumbest conversation I have ever heard.

Diego: “Hey Sarge, was that pistol unloaded when it was brought in?”

*Head hits desk* Since it’s policy to unload recovered weapons immediately, you already know the answer, dumbass. When the sergeant told Diego yes, he doubled down on the stupid…

Diego: “So there was no round in the chamber?”

Yes, you colossal f**king idiot! If the gun was unloaded, it means there is no f**king round in the chamber! Jesus Christ, are you completely incapable of conceiving a cogent thought? Moron!

10 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Ronni – Diego is literally the dumbest person I have ever met. The worst past is he thinks he’s smart, which makes him dangerous.

    Kitty – I did. I’d vote for her in a minute. She seems awesome, but I wonder if Baltimore would vote for her. It’s a great ad.


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