Biden Bombs At Basement Box Office

Joe Biden, the mostly senile Democratic presidential nominee, accepted the nomination Tuesday night from his basement. Or, as he calls it, “His secret underground lair.” It was a good night for Biden, but not a great night for the convention, as viewership decreased by nearly half compared to 2016.

Viewership for the first and second nights of the Democratic convention fell dramatically from the same time frame in 2016 when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton led the Democratic presidential ticket, according to Nielsen Media Research. Only 6.13 million people tuned into broadcasts simulcast on CBS, ABC, and NBC during the first two nights of the 2020 convention, marking a 48% drop from four years ago, Nielsen reported.

The first two nights of the convention featured speeches by former first lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Joe Biden accepted the party’s nomination on Tuesday with his wife, Jill Biden, by his side.

Obviously, I didn’t watch this drivel, but I did see a clip of Biden accepting the nomination. Slow Joe looked confused, and the only thing he said was “Thank you.” multiple times. It was difficult to watch.

TJ Ducklo, the national press secretary for Biden’s campaign, defended the sluggish broadcast numbers and noted that digital viewership was up as the way people watch content has shifted to digital streaming formats in recent years.

Eh, maybe, but anyone can fudge online numbers. The virtual convention cannot be exciting for anyone, so I assumed the numbers would plummet – even with such standout “rock stars” like Rapey Bill Clinton, Moochelle Obama, and that dullard AOC.

That said, this is no time to get complacent. We not only have to win in 2020, but we need enough votes to overcome the Democrats’ regular cheating.

Bring your family, friends, and neighbors to the polls; otherwise, we’ll be swearing in President Harris in less than a year.

5 thoughts on “Biden Bombs At Basement Box Office

  1. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.
    It could be good because people are sick of Dem pandering idiocies.
    It could be bad because the more people see Dems the less they like them.


  2. One thing you can always count on is the dems cheating during elections. It’s the only way they can keep power these days with their sharp left turn towards socialism.


  3. Cathy – Couldn’t agree with you more. That wife of his is drunk on power, so she let’s this crap show continue.

    Veeshir – Good point. Never looked it that way,

    Ronni – I’d like to think America won’t vote for more anarchy, but there is a really good chance the Dems win.


  4. When the Biden/Harris team go down in November (well, at least half of it will), we can look forward to four more years of Wu-W.H.O.-Kung-Flu hysteria and impeachment proceedings. But it will be worth it to see all the socialists’ heads exploding.


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