The Chinese Wuhan Virus Smites Again

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and I’m wearing Milk Bone underwear.” – Norm Peterson.

The “Cheers” bar at Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace is closing after two decades in business, CEO Markus Ripperger confirmed. The iconic bar is a replica of the set for the popular sitcom “Cheers,” which aired from 1982 to 1993.

It appears the bar was another casualty of the coronavirus pandemic. Ripperger said the pandemic and lack of assistance from the landlord played into the decision to close, according to CBS Boston.

The “Cheers” bar is set to close on August 30. The location that originally inspired the iconic series, however, will remain open on Boston’s Beacon Street.

Go fook yourselves, China. The damage you assholes have delivered to America – and the world – will come back upon you, hopefully ten-fold.

6 thoughts on “The Chinese Wuhan Virus Smites Again

  1. We need to pull our manufacturing out of there NOW! We don’t need China to do any more harm to the US, our economy and our people.


  2. The one on Beacon St does not at all like Cheers on TV. it’s a souvenir shop that serves booze.
    Which I’m ‘for’ the booze part, not so thrilled about the lame souvenir motif.


  3. Ronni – I purposely look to avoid items made in China. I did before, but now it’s a mission. Thee damage they did to the world with this may never be repaired.

    Veeshir – I’ve heard it’s also really tiny. Nothing like people expect.


  4. Also remember the pet food that’s killing our pets. The chicken that’s under recall & the clothes that are way too small (seriously? I wear a size 8, not a damn 16).


  5. Brace yourselves for an unpopular opinion: Cheers was only good for the first five years of its run. Shelley Long as Diane Chambers was the straw that stirred the drink. Also, that stretch contained Nicolas Colasanto as Coach, who was light years better at “the dumb guy” than Woody Harrelson.

    The sexual tension between Sam and Diane was the beating heart of that show, explaining why they brought her back to break his heart again in the last episode.

    Also, am I supposed to get upset about a tourist trap closing down in Boston? Boston? They could burn down everything but Faneuil Hall and all I’d do is shrug.


  6. MelP – It’s the worst part about ordering online. Every piece of clothing is always just a bit too small.

    Mitch – Agreed. Kirstie Alley and Woody Harrelson were never funny, and the show took a downward turn when Coach passed away.


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