Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Meet Anthony Vullo of DeVary, Florida.

Anthony is very politically active, and usually places signs for his candidate on the front lawn. Unfortunately, Anthony doesn’t tolerate dissent, so if you try to obscure his sign, you may want to put on a helmet beforehand.

A fight over the placement of political signs led to a man punching his neighbor in the face, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Records show it started when a witness told his neighbor that another neighbor, Anthony Vullo, had taken the man’s campaign sign and thrown it across the yard.

The man confronted Vullo about why he threw his campaign sign and Vullo said he was upset that the man had placed the sign in a way that blocked his own sign.

During the confrontation, deputies said Vullo pushed his 48-year-old neighbor, then his neighbor pushed him back then Vullo pushed his neighbor on the left side of his face.

The only occasion where it is acceptable to punch someone for a political sign is if the victim is voting for Lindsey Graham… or possibly Justin Guarini.

5 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

  1. PSA: Don’t touch anything in someone else’s yard in Texas. Like residents of other places, some people here take their politics seriously. And are armed. And the law says Texans have the right to use deadly force in protecting property.

    Of course, if you’re part of panty-fa, we welcome you to trash our stuff. 🙂


  2. Living here in Minnesota, I have ample opportunity during my evening walks and my treks to estate sales around the metro to see the various signs people put in their yards. I have fantasized quite a bit about what I want to do to most of these signs. Since I believe people can put what they want in their yards, I have acted on none of these fantasies, which is likely more courtesy than would be extended to me for the signs I’d love to put up.

    Here’s a few I’ve seen:

    “What will WE do with OUR breath?” This in front of a huge house (probably 2,500 sq. ft.) in the burbs with a boat, a literal treehouse for the kids, a two-car garage with brand-new SUVs, all of this on an at least 3 acre lot.

    “Justice for George.” I want to ask what that justice looks like, because George is dead, and it looks increasingly like he was the architect of his own demise. Also, if weeks of looting and rioting isn’t enough “justice,” four cops in orange jumpsuits probably won’t do it, either.

    “We are listening.” This in front of another huge house on a hill overlooking a quaint pond in the tony suburb of Edina (that’s Ee-DIE-na, for you benighted outsiders). There was also a Black Lives Matter sign, an “In this together” sign, some sign telling me to stay safe and spread love, and another one saying thanks to all of our new “heroes,” for doing their jobs. Thankfully, the estate sale was across the street, but I would have liked to see what was in the House of Intense Virtue Signalling. I bet it would be lavish, for them to feel such a connection to the common man.

    Finally, someone is making a lot of money on the “In This House We Believe” signs. Probably the same person who printed up the “All Are Welcome Here” signs. This sign is a list. Here’s what I can remember:
    No Person is Illegal
    Love is Love
    Water is Life
    Science is Real
    Black Lives Matter

    I want to tell these people this isn’t Ancient Egypt and the signs aren’t lambs’ blood on the door frame. If the mobs make it out to the suburbs, they won’t look at the signs and “pass over” your huge house with your nice cars. They will break over your house and your family like a wave. Unless you have a certain tool that gets your point across much better than a sign ever will. One I’m going to learn to use soon.


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