Mom Could Use Some Prayers

I haven’t talked about my mom in a while, mostly because she is still in the New Jersey nursing home – something which keeps me up at night considering what the Wuhan Virus has done – but also because everything has been fairly stable. Yes, she is still in the throes of dementia – like her mother before her – but everything was fine.

That changed last week.

Apparently mom fell at some point and either didn’t tell the staff or… forgot. My sister went to see her and her knee was swollen, so naturally she went ballistic. The home took mom to the hospital, and after looking at the leg and taking x-rays, they decided she was fine.

My sister is a nurse, and knew immediately everything was not fine, so she had the home take her to another hospital. The docs there said something to the effect of, “I don’t want to sound unprofessional, but there is no way the other hospital could have missed this injury. Your mother’s hip is broken.”

Are. You. F**king. Kidding. Me?

After more tests, the surgeon determined mom would need a partial hip replacement, which I guess is better than a full replacement. My sister called me and asked what she should do. Mom will be 75 in November, she’s dealing with progressive dementia, and has been beset with health problems for the last decade. On the other hand, we can’t let her live the rest of her life with that pain.

I suggested the replacement was worth the risk of surgery. My sister agreed.

Obviously the rehab would be trying, especially with mom’s state, but what else can we do? She fell once already. What would happen if we said no to the surgery?

Anyway, it’s going to be a long and painful recovery for mom, so if you can send a prayer or two toward the Big Man Upstairs, I would appreciate it.

13 thoughts on “Mom Could Use Some Prayers

  1. Prayers for your mom, her surgeons, her doctors and nurses and her physical therapy team. Prayers for you and the rest of her family as you navigate through these new challenges.


  2. Prayers sent, my friend.

    As you know, my Mom passed back in April. She had been in a nursing home for two years and was steadily deteriorating. She also fell and broke her hip in early April. When I heard the news, I knew she was going soon. Mom would have been 94 on the 16th of this month. For most of her life, she had been the glue that held our family together. Even now, my remaining brother and our sister are as close as can be. I believe that to be Mom’s gift to us.

    Stay as close as you can to family. You never know when one will be called away. May God Bless and give you strength.


  3. Ronni – She’s in restraints for a while. She’s lashing out at the medical staff, but it’s not like she knows what she’s doing. It’s just an awful situation.

    RG – The nursing home isn’t terrible, but the first hospital they sent her to was ridiculous. How do you not see a broken hip?

    TX Nick – Thanks. It’s trying, and I’m not one with unending patience. I just hope she can get through the rehab and get through the pain.

    Mike47 – Thank you. Mom was always strong, and she was always a fighter. She was really upset when this happened to her mother, and now she’s going through it. It’s not fair.

    Kitty – Thanks.


  4. I am hoping your mother’s mind only hears good things & silly jokes until she passes to be with loved ones.
    Hang in there Wyatt. Give your mother a hug as often as possible.


  5. Cathy – I’d like to, but the Chinese Wuhan Virus won’t let me. We cannot get in to the residence yet.

    The good thing is my mom still has long-term memory, so she thinks her parents are still alive, and she still lived in Bridgeport, PA. Simpler, saner times.


  6. That’s disheartening, especially the response from the first “hospital” her home elected to take her to.
    Any investigative reporters left in Philly you could slip those details to? She probably isn’t the first.

    Prayers for your Mom and for you and your sister in these trying times.


  7. John – Thank you.

    Mike – I would if there were any decent reporters in this town. It’s basically CNN here, and everyone goes along with the leftist marching orders. It’s why I’m fleeing when I retire.


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