Oh, She Definitely Smelled It

Meet Nicole Dozois of Flori-Duh.

Nicole is a lighthearted 40-year old – yikes, she’s only forty? – who lives with her 59-year old father in Largo, FL. Their relationship is usually pretty good, save for the times the family eats a hot, delicious dinner at Taco Bell.

A Florida Woman was arrested yesterday for allegedly battering her father “due to his flatulence” inside their residence. Nicole Dozois, 40, shares a bedroom with the 59-year-old victim in a home in Largo, a city in the Tampa Bay area.

Around 2 AM Sunday, Dozois “became angry” with her father “due to his flatulence and an argument ensued,” police report. Dozois then allegedly attacked her father, punching him in the face “numerous times.”

Upon responding to the residence, cops noted that the victim “had a bloodied left eye and scratches all over his neck as a result” of the attack.

Imagine being so unstable that you beat the hell out of your father for passing gas. Maybe the punishment should fit the crime, and we can give Nicole the gas chamber.

6 thoughts on “Oh, She Definitely Smelled It

  1. My 71 yo wife looks better than that. Anyway, WTF is she sleeping in the same bedroom as her father? Do they occupy the same bed? Well it is Florida and the state motto is “Incest is best”…………


  2. Evidently she really gets off on beating the heck out of family members since dad isn’t the first to feel her wrath. She doesn’t look a day UNDER 60 in my opinion.


  3. In 2006, I was finally able to get my (now) wife an entry visa to the USA. It had taken two years to get all the paperwork done and all the fees paid (up to that date; more of both lay ahead for us). We flew in to Houston and my brother picked us up at the airport.

    On the drive back to his house, we encountered the unmistakable odor of a recently deceased polecat. Definitely one of Pepe Le Pew’s relatives had been flattened to pancake thickness.

    My future wife had never seen, let alone smelled, one of these critters.

    She was riding in the middle seat, I was riding shotgun, and my brother was driving. A small, yet powerful, little fist whacked me on the shoulder. My little lady thought I had passed an S.B.D. her way.

    It took a little while to convince her that neither I, nor my brother, had broke wind. We all still laugh about that first encounter.


  4. TX Nick – I’ve noticed the skunk smell is not much different from open marijuana. Not the smoke, but the smell of the leaves. When you work in drug country, you get used to it.


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