The Greatest Story Of The Year

The NBA has decided to postpone – and possibly end – the 2020 playoffs in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake, a career criminal.

The NBA’s ratings are down 45% from last year, so this should be a boom to their business.

Get woke, go broke.

The NBA season is on the brink of ending early after a meeting Wednesday involving players, coaches, and referees that David Aldridge of The Athletic described as ending “ugly.”

They are literally ending their season for a career criminal with an extensive arrest record.

The remaining teams in the Disney World bubble held a meeting after all six NBA teams scheduled to play on Wednesday boycotted games to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The boycotts began when the Milwaukee Bucks did not take the floor for Game 5 of their first-round series against the Orlando Magic.

Blake’s record in Wisconsin includes charges of Domestic Abuse (three counts), Sexual Assault, Criminal Trespass, and Disorderly Conduct. He has also has a history of assaulting police, and had an active warrant at the time he was shot.

Shams Charania of The Athletic first reported that both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers voted to boycott the remainder of the season. According to Charania, LeBron James left the meeting early and was followed by the remainder of the Lakers and the Clippers.

Oh no, and I was so looking forward to not watching the NBA for another year! Imagine boycotting your own season to support a thug. If the owners had any balls, they’d fine the players for sitting out.

18 thoughts on “The Greatest Story Of The Year

  1. I support the NBA 100%. As an avid non-fan, the decision to not have playoffs, don’t play games, and cry like whiny pre-schoolers is the right one. You go girls.

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  2. Good for them! It’s better than kneeling for the national anthem. This way they lose money. I look forward to them protesting because they’re not being paid either.

    So far the NHL has been ignoring this crap and just playing. I hope that continues. I want to watch the Isles beat the Flyers on their way to the Lord Stanley’s Cup.

    I needed a new hoodie, I don’t need a winter jacket in AZ. I wanted a NY Giants hoodie but they got all You’re a racist!!! on me, then I was going to get a Nationals World Series champ hoodie until they started the kneeling crap.
    My new Isles hoodie looks great.


  3. Y’all are missing the point. Considering how many criminals get paid to bounce balls around and shove them through nets, the act of them supporting other criminals should be obvious. Thugs gotta stick together, ya know.

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  4. 3 counts of domestic abuse AND sexual assault? There goes another nail into the coffin of “believe all* women”.

    *but only if the accused is connected to the R’s


  5. They make enough money they don’t have to worry about walking out and the owners too scared to do anything about it. Good riddance!!


  6. RG – Well get a load of this, the NBA is now boycotting the boycott, and claiming they will play again soon. OH HAPPY DAY!

    Veeshir – The NHL is postponing playoff games tonight, because no-talent assclown Evander Kane demanded it. So, hopefully, the Isles can destroy the Flyers in a few days.

    As an aside, I am a centimeter away from being done with them. This woke B.S. is bad enough in the NBA and NFL, but if it keeps up, I’m done. Sadly, you cannot escape in sports anymore.

    TX Nick – I was so proud of the NBA when they postponed games for Cannon Hinnant. Oh…

    Kevin – Yes and yes. The NBA can die in a fire, but I love the Bruins. That said, I don’t have to watch the playoffs. Actually I don’t have to watch hockey anymore, either. They want to effectively say F the Police? Cool. They aren’t hurting my feelings.

    MelP – They’re complete hypocrites. Hell, George Floyd was virtuous than this thug.

    Ronni – Yep, they’ll bow down to China, but not anyone else. I fully expect their ratings to continue their plummet.


  7. There’s an ancillary benefit to the NBA losing money, and it could manifest itself sooner than the expiration of the current TV contract, which expires in 2023.

    The NBA is subsidizing another sports league, one that’s been around for 25 years and hasn’t turned a profit in a single one of those years. The league provides a middling product to small, half-empty arenas and the occasional minuscule TV audience. It’s the WNBA.

    The WNBA has just as many woke scolds as the NBA, just as many delusional thinkers who demand that players playing less than 40% of the games the men play, shorter games, and again, in front of half-empty arenas, should be paid equally. Good luck on that, as revenues drop for the league that is literally keeping your league alive, that you are dependent upon for your privilege to play basketball for a living.

    Sports may be a business first and foremost, but it’s not devoid of entertainment value. I’m going to enjoy watching it all burn to the ground.


    1. I think it’s hilarious Kelly Loffler’s team, the Atlanta Dream, are posting photos of the entire squad supporting Loffler’s challenger. It’s also hilarious that the WNBA thinks they can sway anyone. Literally no one watches that garbage. I cannot wait until the league goes bankrupt.


  8. Darnit, I thought the NHL was going to just play hockey. and stay out of the rest of this crap.

    Why can’t people just shut up and take my money?
    They’re forcing me to take a stand. I just want to watch sports.


  9. Veeshir – Same. Apparently the Canadians are getting sick of this, too. The entire thing was orchestrated by Evander Kane, a mediocre player who never has a problem cheap-shotting someone.


  10. Veeshir – Yeah, not playing until Saturday, and I may check the scores the next day, but I’m not watching any of these games. Why give them the ratings?

    TX Nick – Most of these athletes haven’t even driven through a bad neighborhood since they made the big leagues, but yes, tell us how concerned you all are about black lives.

    Oh, and while many MLB teams played yesterday, the Phillies – who I despise – boycotted. Because everyone will support a mediocre baseball team who is an inch away from 4th place in the NL East.


  11. Obviously the players have no idea where their salaries come from…get woke, go broke…couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch…


  12. Doc – My two oldest sons watch the NBA. Kyle likes Brooklyn and Erik likes Dallas. Both were royally pissed at this nonsense, and I guarantee the league hemorrhages viewers.


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